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RIP Wada Kouji
sakura rain
In my mind, there's a sort of...soundtrack for my life.  That is, there are certain songs or artists whose music are tied to times of my life.  Wada Kouji was one of those artists.

I think I was in 7th grade when I first heard "Butter-fly."  Having only been exposed to the dub at that time, I was blown away by how different and beautiful the original theme song was.  From then I was hooked and continued to follow his music for the rest of my middle, high school, and college days.  I'd do my homework or go to classes listening to Wada.  I went to sleep listening to Wada.  I first started driving my car listening to Wada.  Almost every Christmas I make sure to listen to Wada's Christmas songs.  This is amongst other artists of course, but still, he was almost always there.

I was on tumblr last night when I read onkei_kun 's post about the announcement of his passing.  I was in shock because after his recovery some years ago and increased musical activity recently, I wasn't expecting this at all.  So sudden.  I listened to "Butter-fly" and started to cry, so I went to sleep.  I listened to more of his songs on my way home from work today and cried again.  I'll try to listen to more tonight...and will probably cry again.

I don't know, I still can't believe it.  I remember back when he announced his return from recovery, I was so shocked because I knew I hadn't heard about him in a while, but had no idea he was battling pharyngeal cancer.  I was so shocked but happy that he had fought it and had that enthusiasm to return to his music.  Even though it surely took a toll on his voice, he still came back.  Although it was only for a short while, I hope he was able to feel the happiness his fans felt when he returned.

It also makes me sad to think that he didn't at least get to see the Digimon 15th anniversary project through to the end.  I know it's just a show, but it must have had a special place in his life too since he created so much music for it for the past 15 years.   It was so amazing and exciting to hear his remakes of the theme songs when the Digimon tri OVAs were released last year...but now when the last 2 get released, I'll probably just feel sad knowing that these are a couple of the last songs we'll ever hear from him.

RIP Wada Kouji.  I'm grateful that he shared his talent with us right to the very end.

Lacrimosa CD
fail at life

Just listened to “Kare to Mukaeru Merry Bad Kanno 「Lacrimosa -Nanatsu no Ai-」 vol. 5” with Nakai Kazuya…

And omg. FEELINGS. I don’t know why they have to give this series such a long title when “lacrimosa” is pretty much all you need to know about the CD – WEEPING.

Aghh of all the CDs I’ve heard Nakai in, this hit me the hardest. There were a couple of super intense scenes where his acting was so amazing that I actually teared. I always knew he was good, but this was a reminder that he’s DAMN good and will make you cry whenever he damn well feels like it.

Maybe I’ll write more on this later. Been up for nearly 24 hours now since I made the bad decision to listen to this whole thing before bed… Knowing it was 2 discs long…whyyyyy

the pillows - "Boku de irareru you ni" lyrics translation
It's 20 years old now, but still a great pillows song.  It's been so long and still no translations out there, so here's my attempt.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out a good way to translate the title, so I went with one I saw on a youtube clip.  As usual, any corrections are welcomed.

(Boku de irareru you ni)
"As I can be"

Artist:  the pillows
Lyrics/composition:  Yamanaka Sawao

Single:  Girlfriend
Release date:  1995/3/24

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kanji source

"Doronuma Renai" review


I just listened to “Doronuma Renai” and loved it.  I was surprised to see a lack of reviews/recommendations out there for this CD, so here are my thoughts.

The BlackButterfly CDs I’ve listened to so far were usually just sweet/soothing/sexy, but this was a little different. Aside from the sweet stuff, “Doronuma Renai” was pretty suspenseful and got a little dark, with the bad ending going twisted and yandere.  Actually, the good ending also had its bit of dark twists…but at least it all worked out.  Fun stuff right?  Kinda different for BB, but I’m not complaining.

It had sweet moments, a couple of fights, suspense, surprises… and man, that Ishikawa Kaito.  It feels kinda weird fangirling about such a young seiyuu, but he’s pretty fantastic (those kisses…what’s this, only his 2nd time?).  He did great on some pretty intense scenes and there were other parts where his chara would go into possessive-boyfriend mode, but I felt like his take on it was…stern but still sweet?  As opposed to creepy…?  Well, that’s just me.  You’d have to listen for yourself.  Anyways, that boy is coming up fast on my list.

So basically…this CD keeps you guessing on which guy is being dishonest with you, Yousuke or Tooru.  Both are totally sweet to you, but then here and there, each would show a shady side.


On one hand you’ve got your boyfriend Yousuke (CV: Ishikawa Kaito), who starts out as a total sweetheart but keeps getting called back to work, even late at night…  Later when you confront him about a girl you saw him with, he tries to lie about it…and even when you call him out on lying, he still won’t tell you anything.  When Tooru starts stirring things up a little, Yousuke loses his temper a couple of times and gets a little forceful. Despite all that, he still seems sincere about being super devoted to you, so you’re just kinda like….what’s going on?


Then on the other hand you’ve got Tooru (CV: Saitou Souma), your and Yousuke’s friend since college, who tries cheering you up, listens to your concerns about Yousuke, and becomes your shoulder to cry on.  He arranges a drinking night for the three of you to supposedly straighten things out, but he ends up instigating and pissing Yousuke off. When things get bad with Yousuke, Tooru gives you info about the girl in question, shows you proof, and after lots of hints that he likes you as more than a friend, finally confesses to you. So you kinda wonder…what kind of friend goes through this kinda trouble and tries to steal his friend’s girlfriend when things get shaky?

Anyways, so that’s my pitch without giving too much away. With the mixed signals flying everywhere, I felt pretty engaged in the story the whole time, and it doesn’t go too over-the-top sweet or yandere. So yup, I really enjoyed it.

I was actually gonna write more, but I'll save it for another time so I don't totally ruin it for anyone who might wanna give it a listen.

Still no luck

Went through about 5 possible data recovery methods today. Fail after fail after fail.  Checked out pricing for professional data recovery services.  Soooo expensive. 


External HDD dying
fail at life
Trying to not panic, but things aren't looking good for one of my external HDDs.

I mean, I guess I could go without it...but this HDD is an accumulation of 10+ years worth of files. This HDD that's currently failing is the copy of a past failed HDD which I had used to combine all the old backup DVDs. If this one dies, I'll lose 10+ years of
-all my music...many of which is replaceable, but there were lots of my own purchases and CD rips for music that's not so easy to find
-ALL my artwork PSD files, including a lot of unposted art/doujin
-rips of DVDs I'd gotten rid of
-concert/broadcast videos
-lots of miscellaneous WIP (sketches, translations, etc)
-my college essays/reports
-important scans/receipts/records/references
-omg not to mention all the precious seiyuu stuff.

It's just... a lot of important things I had invested a lot of time in and enjoyed over the years.

I know that if files are REALLY important then you should always have an extra backup -- which I used to -- but after that old drive died (which I assumed to be from bringing it back and forth through the airport when I traveled), then I didn't bother to buy a new replacement backup yet since that only happened last year.

I've only used this drive once or twice a month to backup crap from my laptop, so I wasn't worried about overworking it. Plus, since I've been back at home, it almost never leaves its (dry, well-ventilated, even-temperature) spot in my room, so it seemed safe enough that I didn't have to rush to buy a new external.  Looks like I thought wrong!

Ugh, why couldn't this have happened to my anime HDD instead??  That thing could burst into flames for all I care and the only thing to be upset over is the wasted money.  I'm trying to keep from getting upset by telling myself, "Well at least this isn't my HDD for digital photos." However this struggle ends, I'll be sure to buy a new HDD to backup my digital photos drive.  It seems redundant and unnecessary since I use my photos HDD the least, but I'd hate to see this happen again.

Actually, this had happened to my last failed HDD, but that time I was able to unplug/replug the drive and sometimes sometimes my laptop would be able to read it again. At that time, it took a lot of interruptions, unplugging/replugging, but I was eventually able to copy ~95% of my data from failing HDD to a new HDD.

This time, however, several unplugs/replugs didn't give me anything. After hours of searching forums and reading up on programs or other methods, I've come up with a rough list of things to try to save the drive...  Since last night I've painfully awaited the results of a couple of methods (which take several hours each to complete) with no luck.  Currently continuing the fight...

And the nostalgia continues
I guess companies are really banking on nostalgia, huh?  Maybe they figured that the people who were fans of these shows are adults now and can now afford to buy all the new merchandise.

Wish I wrote a post while my excitement was at it's freshest, but nonetheless I'm still soooo, soo happy to hear that later this year and then in 2015, there will be a new Dragon Ball Z movie, a 2nd season for Kamisama Hajimemashita, the LOOOOOOOOONG-awaited uncut dub of all 200 Sailor Moon episodes (with a freaking FANTASTIC new cast)...but most of all, the new Digimon series about the original Adventure/02 cast.

I never would've thought that after 15 years and several different Digimon series, Toei would come back and make a new series for the original group.  Not only that, but to take place during their high school days, which has probably always been the most discussed thing in the fandom ever.  Augh, so awesome.  There were even new posts in the Digimon LJ comm which has been dormant for a long time now.  It's nice to see the fans coming out and getting excited again.

I'm also excited to finally see the end of Naruto in sight.  I love the series and have been following it for just over 10 years, but.... enough's enough.  I know I'll be sad when it's finally over, but I've been ready for a while now.  As they say, all good things must end...and Naruto's a very good thing that I can't stand to see dragged out for years and years...and years.

Sailor Moon Crystal leaks
tamaki squee
Wow, how many people snuck in recordings at that no-cameras/phones-allowed SMC screening anyways?  Not that I'm complaining since I couldn't help but spoil myself a little.

Aughhh it's gorgeous.  I'm not saying I gave into the new character designs (cuz I probably will never), but it still looks gorgeous.  The vibrant colors, the beautiful BGM, the fact that they finally fixed the weird sleeves and seemingly feet-less bottom of Princess Serenity's dress... a better-looking Mamoru...the senshi and friggin' SHITENNOU looking badass in the OP...!!! Ahh it still seems unreal.

Hurry, July 5th, hurry.

Summer show nostalgia
Feels like an exciting season for shows.

Last Friday they finally aired "Girl Meets World" which I had been excited about for over a year.  I know it's purely because of nostalgia, but whatever...  I grew up with "Boy Meets World"!  My entire late elementary to high school!  In elementary, I even freakin...wrote reaction entries to some episodes in my diary (by HAND, omg).  It's a little too obvious how they're trying to make it clear that they're handing the torch over, and some lines were a little cringe-worthy, but hey, it's just the first episode.  I couldn't help but feel excited seeing Cory and Topanga again.  Omg and Mr. Feeny, thank goodness.  I hope things start flowing better in a few episodes.

And coming up this Wednesday is Free season 2!!  As was said last year, this season better be all about loving Rei, dammit.

And then comes the BIG ONE...  I can't believe it's only a week away...

Sailor Moon Crystal

OH.  MY.  CHILDHOOD.  My gateway drug into anime and drawing.  I can't believe it's finally back after nearly 20 years.

I've gotten over the shock of the character designs.  Yeah, I didn't love them, but if they can keep up the detail and fluidity in animation, then I'll soon forget about it.  And from the most recent trailer, the BGM is sounding FANTASTIC.  I actually didn't like most of the old Sailor Moon BGM, because all that jazziness just didn't usually fit the mood well.

And even though I probably won't get to see it until next year-ish, there's the movie releases for Tiger & Bunny and Space Brothers in Japan.  Yeeeeeaay!  Now if only there were an Attack on Titan season 2 this summer as well, then all would be perfect.

Modern website layouts
It's probably been at least 3 years since I last changed my LJ layout.  Not that it really matters since most people read through their feeds anyways(??), but I really do like this new layout I chose.  Actually, it's been so long that I don't even know if this is a "new" LJ layout or not, but I like that it seems to have that more simple, modern look that a lot of websites have been adopting lately...

Which brings me to why I even bothered checking this out today in the first place.  I was hesitant to write this because in the end it makes me sound like such an oldie, but whatever... I'd like to try to come back to LJ a little bit more and it's not often that I think of anything to write about.

So anyways, I've noticed that new/updated websites have been adopting a clean, simple look that I really like.  I've noticed it mostly in almost every online shopping or restaurant page, with simple colors, buttons, navigation bars/tables, maybe a couple of scrolling news article images, etc. which all look great on the computer and usually work well when viewing on a tablet or smartphone...

Recent examples (out of the pages I frequently visit) being CDJapan and LJ which just updated a couple months ago.  But really, check out any site.  Anyone who's anyone is using this style -- just off the top of my head there's any Google product or Google+ page, eBay, PayPal, hulu, Crunchyroll, Mediafire, Mega, Apple, HP, Kickstarter, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Vine, and pretty much any restuarant/store chain...and even fan-run sites like Kotaku, Horriblesubs, Otome Jikan, HibikiForum, Kanzenshuu, Sailor Moon Center, Three-Lights.net, Miss Dream, WaniKani (not a fan site, but still a fantastic example of a non-big-corporation site)...  And it's beautiful!!  I really love it and hope more websites revamp too.

It looked so pretty that I wondered what kind of code or something people are using nowadays.  After a while of searching, I ended up totally lost.  I thought I could follow since I used to know HTML and some java, but realized that I've been completely left behind on the times in this area.  With the popularity of online journal and art network-y sites (DA, pixiv), I slowed down and pretty much stopped playing with HTML/Java after high school (nearly 10 years ago ughhh)... So yeah, I'd say I've been completely out of the loop.

I hate having these moments of feeling old, thinking things like, "Well when I was a kid, things were like this..."



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