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Modern website layouts

It's probably been at least 3 years since I last changed my LJ layout.  Not that it really matters since most people read through their feeds anyways(??), but I really do like this new layout I chose.  Actually, it's been so long that I don't even know if this is a "new" LJ layout or not, but I like that it seems to have that more simple, modern look that a lot of websites have been adopting lately...

Which brings me to why I even bothered checking this out today in the first place.  I was hesitant to write this because in the end it makes me sound like such an oldie, but whatever... I'd like to try to come back to LJ a little bit more and it's not often that I think of anything to write about.

So anyways, I've noticed that new/updated websites have been adopting a clean, simple look that I really like.  I've noticed it mostly in almost every online shopping or restaurant page, with simple colors, buttons, navigation bars/tables, maybe a couple of scrolling news article images, etc. which all look great on the computer and usually work well when viewing on a tablet or smartphone...

Recent examples (out of the pages I frequently visit) being CDJapan and LJ which just updated a couple months ago.  But really, check out any site.  Anyone who's anyone is using this style -- just off the top of my head there's any Google product or Google+ page, eBay, PayPal, hulu, Crunchyroll, Mediafire, Mega, Apple, HP, Kickstarter, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Vine, and pretty much any restuarant/store chain...and even fan-run sites like Kotaku, Horriblesubs, Otome Jikan, HibikiForum, Kanzenshuu, Sailor Moon Center, Three-Lights.net, Miss Dream, WaniKani (not a fan site, but still a fantastic example of a non-big-corporation site)...  And it's beautiful!!  I really love it and hope more websites revamp too.

It looked so pretty that I wondered what kind of code or something people are using nowadays.  After a while of searching, I ended up totally lost.  I thought I could follow since I used to know HTML and some java, but realized that I've been completely left behind on the times in this area.  With the popularity of online journal and art network-y sites (DA, pixiv), I slowed down and pretty much stopped playing with HTML/Java after high school (nearly 10 years ago ughhh)... So yeah, I'd say I've been completely out of the loop.

I hate having these moments of feeling old, thinking things like, "Well when I was a kid, things were like this..."

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