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Summer show nostalgia

Feels like an exciting season for shows.

Last Friday they finally aired "Girl Meets World" which I had been excited about for over a year.  I know it's purely because of nostalgia, but whatever...  I grew up with "Boy Meets World"!  My entire late elementary to high school!  In elementary, I even freakin...wrote reaction entries to some episodes in my diary (by HAND, omg).  It's a little too obvious how they're trying to make it clear that they're handing the torch over, and some lines were a little cringe-worthy, but hey, it's just the first episode.  I couldn't help but feel excited seeing Cory and Topanga again.  Omg and Mr. Feeny, thank goodness.  I hope things start flowing better in a few episodes.

And coming up this Wednesday is Free season 2!!  As was said last year, this season better be all about loving Rei, dammit.

And then comes the BIG ONE...  I can't believe it's only a week away...

Sailor Moon Crystal

OH.  MY.  CHILDHOOD.  My gateway drug into anime and drawing.  I can't believe it's finally back after nearly 20 years.

I've gotten over the shock of the character designs.  Yeah, I didn't love them, but if they can keep up the detail and fluidity in animation, then I'll soon forget about it.  And from the most recent trailer, the BGM is sounding FANTASTIC.  I actually didn't like most of the old Sailor Moon BGM, because all that jazziness just didn't usually fit the mood well.

And even though I probably won't get to see it until next year-ish, there's the movie releases for Tiger & Bunny and Space Brothers in Japan.  Yeeeeeaay!  Now if only there were an Attack on Titan season 2 this summer as well, then all would be perfect.
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