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"Omoide no Nagisa" lyrics translation

“Omoide no Nagisa” is the song that hooked me onto Sakurai Takahiro’s singing.  He sang it at the end of the game “Gate Keepers,” but what some may not know is that this song was originally from 1966 by The Wild Ones.  The whole thing is very lovely, but I just translated the part of the song that Sakurai covered.  I’m lazy..


(Omoide no Nagisa)
“Beach of Memories”

Artist:  Ukiya Shun (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)
CD album: Gate Keepers Original Soundtrack
Release date:  2001/1/19

Original Artist:  The Wild Ones
Single:  Omoide no Nagisa / Your Baby
Original release date:  1966/11/5
Lyrics:  Torizuka Shigeki
Composition:  Kase Kunihiko
Arrangement:  Morioka Kenichirou

[kanji + romaji + translation]KANJI:
君を見つけた この渚に
一人たたずみ 思い出す
小麦色した 可愛いほほ
忘れはしない いつまでも
水面走る 白い船
長い黒髪 風になびかせ
波に向かって 叫んでみても
もう帰らない あの夏の日

Kimi wo mitsuketa kono nagisa ni
Hitori tatazumi omoidasu
Komugiiro shita kawaii hoho
Wasure wa shinai itsumademo

Minamo hashiru shiroi fune
Nagai kuro kami kaze ni nabikase
Nami ni mukatte sakendemitemo
Mou kaeranai ano natsu no hi

On this beach where I found you,
Standing still all alone, I remember
Your cute cheeks turned light cocoa brown
I won’t ever forget it

A white ship runs along the water’s surface
Your long black hair flutters in the wind
Even if I try to shout towards the waves,

That summer day will never return

Kanji source 
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