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NICO Touches the Walls - "Usotsuki" lyrics translation

I started this translation when the album was released because I LOVED this song, but got indecisive over some lines so I didn't finish it.  Now over a year has passed and someone's already posted their translation online, but I figure I still might as well post mine too.

Some lines confused me because I couldn't figure out if it was referring to him or the lover.  I also couldn't figure out if he's trying to say: (1) he really loves her but can't open up so she's misunderstanding, or (2) he's begun to fall out of love or it's become complicated and she's catching on to it.  Maybe it's the point of the lyrics to be ambiguous about it...or maybe I'm just not understanding because my Japanese comprehension is too low.  So if anyone could correct me, feel free.


Artist:  NICO Touches the Walls
Lyrics/composition:  Tatsuya Mitsumura

Album:  "Yuuki mo Ai nante nai"
Release Date:  2016/03/16
kanji + romaji + translationCollapse )
Tags: translation:music

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