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Tokusatsu - "Jaa na" lyrics translation

Something I love about Ootsuki Kenji's music is that despite the heavy rock sound, his music also has kind of this sweet sentiment in it.  This song is a good example of that.

I've left it unfinished for about 4 years now because I was lazy to search for the poems he was referring to.  Now that I'm trying to get all of these abandoned lyrics done and off my computer, I finally searched for the poems.  I think I got it right, but if I didn't then feel free to correct me.

(Jaa na)
“See ya”

Artist:  Tokusatsu
Lyrics: Ootsuki Kenji
Composition: NARASAKI

Album:  Panagia no Onkei
Date Released:  2012/12/12

じゃあな こんないい日に
お別れなんて とても ああ

いつか旅立ち 来ると知ってた
何も贈るもん 持ってない

君呼び止め 今


いつか ある日目覚めて
誰もいなくて 一人っきり
そんな時があったら 呼んでくれたっていい

君呼び止め 今


ゆあーん ゆあゆよーん
ゆあゆよーん ゆよーん

ある としても

サーカスのブランコ 揺らす様に

パラソルを振って パラソル君に振って
ひとまずさらば じゃあな

jaa na konna ii hi ni
owakare nante totemo aa

itsuka tabidachi kuru to shitteta
nanimo okurumon mottenai

“sonna no ii yo” to
hohoende arukidasu
kimi yobitome ima

chuuya no shishuu wo ageyou
POKETTO ni guuzen haittetanda
youi shitan ja nai ze

itsuka aru hi mezamete
daremo inakute hitorikkiri
sonna toki ga attara yonde kuretatte ii

“daijoubu da yo” to
mae wo muite arukidasu
kimi yobitome ima

chuuya no shishuu wo ageyou
hontou wa youi shite oitanda

yuahhn yuayuyohhn
yuayuyohhn yuyohhn

natsu no hi ni yume ga yaburete
shuujitsu kyouran deedeeya
fuyu wa kitsune no kawagoromo
kanashimi ga yogoreru toki sae
aru toshitemo

SAAKASU no BURANKO yurasu you ni

PARASORU wo futte PARASORU kimi ni futte
hitomazu saraba jaa na

See ya, a farewell on
a day as nice as this is so…ah

I knew that you would have to depart someday
I have nothing to send you off with

“It doesn’t matter,”
you say with a smile and start walking
Now I call for you to stop

I’ll give you Chuuya’s poem anthology
It just happened to be in my pocket
It’s not like I had it prepared or anything

Sometime, someday you’ll wake up
all alone, with nobody there
If that time comes, you can call me

“I’ll be alright,”
you say as you look forward and start walking
Now I call for you to stop

I’ll give you Chuuya’s poem anthology
The truth is I did prepare it in advance

yuahhn yuayuyohhn
yuayuyohhn yuyohhn *

The dream shattered on a summer day
The geta repairman of the autumn day frenzy **
The fox’s fur coat in winter ***
Even when sorrow is soiled  ***
Even then

Like a swaying circus swing

I wave a parasol, I wave a parasol at you
Goodbye for now, see ya

*  These lines are a reference to Nakahara Chuuya’s poem “Circus.”  The “yuan/yuyo” parts are from the last few stanzas about a trapeze artist swinging on the ropes.  I couldn’t find any info on the meaning, but maybe it’s like…onomatopoeia for the swinging…?
**  I think this line is a reference to Nakahara’s “Shuujitsu kyouran” poem.  I think “deedeeya” is an old term used for a geta/clogs/footware shop or repairman..?
*** These lines are a reference to Nakahara’s “Kegarecchimatta kanashimi ni…” poem.
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