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Tokusatsu - "Jaa na" lyrics translation

Something I love about Ootsuki Kenji's music is that despite the heavy rock sound, his music also has kind of this sweet sentiment in it.  This song is a good example of that.

I've left it unfinished for about 4 years now because I was lazy to search for the poems he was referring to.  Now that I'm trying to get all of these abandoned lyrics done and off my computer, I finally searched for the poems.  I think I got it right, but if I didn't then feel free to correct me.

(Jaa na)
“See ya”

Artist:  Tokusatsu
Lyrics: Ootsuki Kenji
Composition: NARASAKI

Album:  Panagia no Onkei
Date Released:  2012/12/12

kanji + romaji + translationCollapse )
Tags: translation:music

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