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Despite the many unfortunate events of 2016, I am thankful for the good things that happened in my life that will always remain lovely gems for me.

-Went to Disneyworld for the first time
-Got engaged
-Went on a cruise for the first time
-Snorkeled for the first time
-Attended Anime Expo and saw Furukawa Makoto!!! My first real life seiyuu experience, and with someone I'd just fallen hard for!! Oo and saw JAM Project perform too!!
-Enjoyed the agonizing Year of Sanji, Mob Psycho, and Orange
-OPM season 2 announcement
-Went to the Philippines
-Went to Japan for the first time!! Dream come true!
-Applied and got accepted to pharm for next fall!! Aside from the engagement, this event had the most impact on me.

Dropping out of med school hit me hard and definitely changed me these past few years.  There was never a day that I didn't feel down about it.  I carried on, but I was the most depressed I've ever been in my life, and for a pretty long time.  It particularly stung earlier in 2016 when my former classmates graduated med school. I'd never felt such bittersweetness in my life. I was so happy and proud of them, seeing all their social media posts and pictures of graduation...but there was no way I could erase the feeling that I should've been there with them too. I felt miserable and so left behind.

However, finally gathering the nerve to do what had to be done for applications this year, and then actually receiving invitations for interviews gave me such hope that I hadn't felt in a very long time. When it turned out that each school accepted me and I'd actually get to take my pick, something changed in me.  Or rather, it changed back.

I felt like after these 4 dreary years, I had a future again. I could see myself doing something again. I finally felt competent and worth something. I could actually have a new start.

Of course, I've been down this similar road before, so I'm still scared as hell of failing again.  But knowing that I've got another shot at a new career, knowing that I was deemed competent and acceptable...  It has made me so happy.  Really, very happy.

So with all the good memories and the promises of a brighter future, I gratefully bid farewell to 2016.
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