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DREAMS COME TRUE - "Suki" lyrics translation

This song and its cover make me want to cry.  It had me at the first few piano notes of the intro.  It's so lovely and bittersweet that it has quickly become one of my favorites.  And this CD cover photo omg... it's so full of the love that was between the original 3 band members, but is kinda sad to look at knowing that Nishikawa left DCT after they'd been together ~14 years.

Anyways, this song is amazing and fairly straightforward, so I'm surprised I couldn't find a translation online.  I think I got it, but feel free to make any corrections to my translation.

"I Love You"

Artist:  Dreams Come True
Lyrics and composition:  Yoshida Miwa

Single:  Suki
Date Released:  1994/11/4
やさしい人達の 然りげない誘いを
"×"と大きく腕で書いた 少し笑った

"心に穴が空く"ってこと わかった気がした
妙にぴったりで また 少し笑った

すき… Woo Yeah

帰り道のことは 何も覚えてなかった
ドアを開けたままで バスタブにうずくまった

甘い愛の歌ばかりが FMから聴こえる
(ちょっと失敗)つぶやいて また 笑った

すき… Woo

抱いた膝に 次々にこぼれるしずく
そっか 私
ずっと 泣きたかったんだ
すき… Yeah

すき… すき すき すき すき すき
Wow Yeah Wow Wow
すき すき すき
Ah… すき すき…


yasashii hitotachi no sarigenai sasoi wo
"batsu" to ookiku ude de kaita sukoshi waratta

“kokoro ni ana ga aku" tte koto wakatta ki ga shita
myou ni pittari de mata sukoshi waratta

suki … Woo Yeah

kaerimichi no koto wa nanimo oboetenakatta
DOA wo aketa mama de BASUTABU ni uzukumatta

amai ai no uta bakari ga FM kara kikoeru
(chotto shippai) tsubuyaite mata waratta

suki … Woo

daita hiza ni tsugitsugi ni koboreru shizuku
sokka watashi
zutto nakitakattanda
suki … Yeah

suki … suki suki suki suki suki
Wow Yeah Wow Wow
suki suki suki
Ah … suki suki …


To the casual invitations out from nice people,
I drew a big “X” with my arms and laughed a little

I felt like I understood what having “a hole in my heart” meant
Strangely, right then, I laughed a little again

I love you… Woo Yeah

I couldn’t remember anything about my way home
I left the door open and crouched in the bath tub

Nothing but sweet love songs play from FM
(I messed up) I murmured and laughed again

I love you… Woo

As I hugged my knees, drops spilled over, one after the other
I see, I wanted to cry this whole time
I love you…Yeah

I love you… I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
Wow Yeah Wow Wow
I love you, I love you, I love you
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