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DREAMS COME TRUE - "Suki" lyrics translation

This song and its cover make me want to cry.  It had me at the first few piano notes of the intro.  It's so lovely and bittersweet that it has quickly become one of my favorites.  And this CD cover photo omg... it's so full of the love that was between the original 3 band members, but is kinda sad to look at knowing that Nishikawa left DCT after they'd been together ~14 years.

Anyways, this song is amazing and fairly straightforward, so I'm surprised I couldn't find a translation online.  I think I got it, but feel free to make any corrections to my translation.

"I Love You"

Artist:  Dreams Come True
Lyrics and composition:  Yoshida Miwa

Single:  Suki
Date Released:  1994/11/4
kanji + romaji + translationCollapse )
Tags: translation:music

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