September 26th, 2015

fail at life

Lacrimosa CD

Just listened to “Kare to Mukaeru Merry Bad Kanno 「Lacrimosa -Nanatsu no Ai-」 vol. 5” with Nakai Kazuya…

And omg. FEELINGS. I don’t know why they have to give this series such a long title when “lacrimosa” is pretty much all you need to know about the CD – WEEPING.

Aghh of all the CDs I’ve heard Nakai in, this hit me the hardest. There were a couple of super intense scenes where his acting was so amazing that I actually teared. I always knew he was good, but this was a reminder that he’s DAMN good and will make you cry whenever he damn well feels like it.

Maybe I’ll write more on this later. Been up for nearly 24 hours now since I made the bad decision to listen to this whole thing before bed… Knowing it was 2 discs long…whyyyyy