May 15th, 2017

sakura rain


For 20+ years, almost every Sunday I enjoyed our church's choir and admired the man who directed it since the beginning. He was the heart and soul of the choir and church. Our priests rotate out every few years, choir members and instrument players left/moved away and new ones replaced them, but the choir director was the one person who stayed the same. He was an incredibly talented singer and guitar player and always chatted with the church in the spare time before mass began. He exuded a charisma and kindness that could really make you feel happy and welcomed. He had a lovely way with words and often tried to coax the church into singing their hearts out, regardless of whether you thought you sounded awful or not. For 2/3 of my life I enjoyed his music and talks -- even more so than actual mass -- and yet I didn't even know his name until the day he passed away.

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