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New site "kataomoi" up!


 ^^ Finally got my new site up and running!  Thanks splash for hosting and FTP help! :D  Sooo much cooler than stinky GeoCities!

It's not terribly different from my DA page, but it has a few pieces that aren't in my DA gallery.  I'll still love and update my DA, but this site is more for my own enjoyment since I can control whatever I want on it.  It's also a nice way to reach those who don't use DA -- I know they're out there.  ^_^

I feel a little proud of myself for successfully registering my site with NARUSEARCH .  Even while using translators, it's still a bit difficult for me to fill out those forms.  Anyways, I just hope I can figure out what to do from here on out on updating descriptions and whatnot so I don't look like a fool.

Too bad, I wanna register with DIGI LOVE NET too but I think they're not accepting at the moment...and even if they were, the community seems to have dwindled down.  I tried visiting lots of my favorite old Digimon fanart sites but almost all of them were closed :(

I also want to try OPSE but I think I should build up my One Piece gallery more before I do. 

Yeah, I guess I'm hoping to somehow get in touch with the Japanese drawing community through this site.  I don't think they're big on the DA scene...especially when a lot of their own fanart is floating around in the galleries of art thieves :/


What's wrong with some people?  I just got a loooOOOng-ass DA note requesting at least 20 different nude cartoon characters in pretty...particular poses.  LOL WTF??   Do I look like a hentai artist? 
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Photoshop brushes

I tried downloading a Photoshop brush pack for the first time today and I freaking love them!  I just spent the last hour looking and downloaded about 30 more.  o_O 
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Reunited with Photoshop

And it feels so good   :) 

After downloading a few viruses disguised as Photoshop (luckily my spyware caught them), I finally downloaded the correct one!  Now I'll definitely start finishing commissions again.  I was just so unmotivated the past couple of months because I didn't really wanna hog my dad's laptop just to use his Photoshop.  Sorry to those who've been waiting ^^;

Oh, and I might be taking more interest in my long-abandoned site soon because an amazing-certain-someone has just offered to share some of her hosting space with me!  So generous!  :D

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Woot, I finally finished the doujinshi for the Staple anthology!  It seemed so much easier this time now that I'm familiar with toning and some time-saving techniques :)  In the end it still took a while to finish because I spent a lot of time thickening some lines after inking.  It's a pain in the butt, but really makes a difference!  I noticed my last doujinshis looked really flat because there was like, no variation in line width.  Oh well, I'm still learning.  Hopefully I'm somewhat keeping up with the other artists T_T...  Anyways, now it's just a few months wait until it gets printed and sold!  :D


Zack practice

 I did a more presentable drawing of Zack today.  I practiced using different line widths and a little bit of totally black shading and I was surprised at how much of a difference it made!  It looks a lot less boring than my usual drawings... It takes soo much longer to do, though...

I think I'll settle with this style. 

SuteMuki doujinshi + some sketches

Went with my mom to Arden Mall yesterday -- the place has changed SO much since I last went there! Man, I haven't gone shopping in so many months and yet I left empty-handed. I lasted walking around for about 2 hours...then I had enough and ended up falling asleep on some bench while waiting for her. lol, yeah, I'm a terrible shopping buddy. It was nice hanging out with my mom, though, cuz we haven't done that in...what, months...?...a year/years maybe...? I can't even remember.

Anyways, I came home to find a doujinshi/manga package waiting~! Thanks again, Roger :D

Thanks to him I finally got SuteMuki's doujinshi "Discovery Channel" that I've wanted.

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As for my own doujin stuffs, I'll probably start sketching out thumbnails soon.  Here's some style practice sketches I did of Aerith and Zack for your amusement:


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 Sadness.  One of my favorite fanart sites (Majikita5) closed down.  They had the biggest collection of Daisuke fanart around and they were so cute and funny.  There was even some DaiHika in there ;_;  *sigh* It's sad seeing some great sites closing down...
Went to Costco with my family today...we haven't done that in a while and it was surprisingly....fun?  It was great seeing my dad completely splurging while my mom just took things out of the cart while he wasn't looking (and then getting caught).

3 more exams but my mind is already going on vacation without me :P 
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Trial period over D:

 Nooo my Sai Painter trial period just ended!  Damn it!  When it comes to inking or coloring (non-cellshade), then I prefer Sai MUUUUCH MORE than Photoshop.  To not have it anymore is...nasty. 

The software costs about $50 though....   =/  

Gagh, I wish trial periods would last longer.