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Zack practice

 I did a more presentable drawing of Zack today.  I practiced using different line widths and a little bit of totally black shading and I was surprised at how much of a difference it made!  It looks a lot less boring than my usual drawings... It takes soo much longer to do, though...

I think I'll settle with this style. 
naruto yay!

Beat CC

Ahhhh Spring Break is ending so fast!  WHY!?

Spring Break can't be good for my health or my wallet.  I've been eating out like, a LOT.  T_T

Beat Crisis Core today.  Get this -- at the very last and most crucial, heartwrenching scene in the game, while trying to tilt the screen towards my brother, I accidently dropped the PSP and the game shut off.  TAT   I was SO fucking mad!!!  AUGH I was so into the scene and then *BAM* it was all gone!  GAGH I'm so stupid.  

My brother beat it again later on, but I only got to see the after-credits movie which was a REMAKE of the opening scene for FF7!!! It looked SOO AWESOME!  AUUGH why must they tease us like that?!  Now they definitely must re-do FF7! MUST!  There's no way they can't after showing an awesome CG teaser like that!

Anyways, CC was totally worth the wait.  So much fun to play and all the CG movie scenes were amazing.  Zack was a great, GREAT character and surpassed my expectations...completely worthy of being the influence he was to Cloud.  The last scene between him and Cloud tore me apart...I mean, I already knew it was gonna happen from playing FF7, but the added dialogue and seeing it all CG'd like that with the voices and music...it was just so unbelievably cool.  

Want...to draw....CC fanart...

But being hooked on playing has thrown me off my commission schedule.  I was trying to get as much done as I could before classes started again, but now I'm like 3 days behind.  Damn.

narusaku eehh?!

Convinced to get Crisis Core

I am now more convinced than ever to buy a PSP *JUST* to play Crisis Core.  The urge keeps coming and going, though, because I don't know what I'd do with it after finishing the game -- there's no other PSP game I'm interested in.  Damn you Square-Enix!!  Why couldn't you release it for PS2 like everything else..?!?!  TT_TT

The japanese website is full of beautiful trailers and game clips...the soundtrack sounds GREAT (I love how the original ff7 tunes still resound in these new pieces)....and dammit the Zack/Aerith scenage looks so awesome that I'm afraid I might get swayed... No, no...Cloud/Aerith all the way..!  Arrrgh and listening to both of them keeps putting Hikaru and Haruhi in my mind..  Ahh Suzuken's voice is so lovely... :3

So I've sorta been working on a NaruSaku doujinshi and I'm starting to consider whether I should try to print it for reals or not.  After the satisfaction of being printed in "Cascarones ~Confetti Egg~ ", the idea has become rather tempting.  Gotta do some researching first before deciding since printing doujinshi sounds like it's hard on the wallet   XD .  Lol and before anything, I also gotta see if I've even got the willpower to finish this story... It's been so long...  Yay procrastination.

Anyways, I'm just wasting time at my school's computer lab.  I have class in two hours...I should be studying for a midterm I'm having tomorrow but...procrastination wins again.