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Spring cleaning of some sort

Too bad, today was a holiday but my boyfriend had to go visit family in the bay area. 

Sooo I spent most of my morning trying to catch up on all the seiyuu blogs/media (well, mostly Hino Satoshi ♥) from the wonderful new groups I just joined,  hino_satoshi and baobab_dansei .  I wish there were more awesome, dedicated, and organized groups like these around.  
Anyways, spent the afternoon with some chores and trying out the new Dissidia 012.  Not bad, but I'm getting bored playing as Lightning and Vaan.  Their characters are just so...blah.  I wanna play as Laguna, darn it. 

Spent the evening so far doing some "spring cleaning".  I thought I'd do my room/closet, but it was just too much that I didn't feel like dealing with, so I went for the easier task of cleaning out my spindles and spindles of backup CD/DVDs from as far back as 2001. 

OMG 10 YEARS worth of media... a lot of which is garbage...like mp3s with extremely low bitrates and anime in .rm format that doesn't even play anymore.

By the time I'm through with this, I'll be recycling over 100 discs.  Yikes, what's wrong with me...?

PLEASE don't let my external HD fail in the future...

Dissidia :O

I've been a bit out of the gaming loop so today was the first I've heard of "Dissidia: Final Fantasy"

OMG it looks so awesome. Squall vs. Sephiroth?  WOW.  Zidane swinging off Tidus with his weird monkey tail thing?  Can't wait.  Seeing all these characters from different FF games interacting will be so cool and it'll be great to see older characters re-CG'd.  The only older characters that I've seen so far that I can recognize are Squall, Zidane, and Terra and they look SO GOOD.  Can't wait to see who else might be in Dissidia...

I'm so glad that I have something to look forward to playing on PSP again, even though it'll probably be a looong time before/if it hits American shores...