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"Kareshi Igai" and "The Naked Kitchen"

"You've been living together with your very sweet boyfriend ever since university, but lately there is someone else on your mind. Some people might call it cheating, but is it cheating when your heart is serious? Will you choose your boyfriend or...?" 
(translation of official site's description from sweet voices , along with a good review)

"Kareshi Igai ~Douryou to no Ayamachi~"... as the blogger of sweet voices says, this title directly translates to something a bit funny-sounding like: "Someone other than your boyfriend ~Mistake with a Colleague."  For me, I consider using the term "kareshi igai" to be kinda like how we might call whoever a girl is cheating with as "the other guy" / "another man". 

I was always kinda interested in listening to this drama CD because of the official site's description (and because it's voiced by Ishida Akira).  It sounded so interesting!  Well, I finally did and I've gotta say...the story haunted me.

I went into it thinking I wouldn't like the relationship because I don't like cheating...but as I listened, I found myself hoping it would work out somehow (ahh shame on me).  I mean, Ishida's character was just so sweet.  Ugh, the last tracks were heartbreaking.  Something that killed me was when "you" break up with him, tell him you used him, and run away (I think?), he sadly says something like, "One way or another, I already knew that."  Awww ;_;

When the "6 months later" track ended and the special message track started playing, I was just like..."NO~!!!  That's all?!"  I wanted to hear moooore.  Btw, I LOVE the piano piece that's playing in the background of the special message track while Ishida says his thoughts.  I wanna learn how to play it~

I wonder if they will decide to continue this series...?  It's pretty interesting.


Still on the subject of cheating, I also recently watched "The Naked Kitchen."  It's a Korean movie but I watched the Japanese dub because Hinocchi was dubbing for Joo Ji Hoon again ♥   I was pleasantly amused because the other main character was dubbed by Furuya Tohru (Tuxedo Mask XD). 

Anyways, the movie's basically about a married couple who start living with the guy who the wife cheated with, unbeknownst to the husband.  The husband knew she cheated on him with somebody, but didn't know it was this very guy who he invited into his home to help him start a restaurant. 

Again, I don't like cheating, but I found myself really cheering on Du-re (the "other guy")... ^^;  It was really hard not to because he was SUCH a sweetheart.  I also think I'm just a sucker for the "other guy/girl" characters in love triangles (Seiya in Sailor Moon, Hotohori in Fushigi Yuugi, Harima in School Rumble, Takemoto in Honey & Clover, Hinata in Maid-sama, Joey in Friends, Spike in Buffy, the list goes ON...).

Anyways I ended up really liking the movie.  The ending wasn't the beeeest, but oh well, it was a fun ride ^^;