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Now that that's over...

Phew, interview's over.  I was beating myself up over my lame answers, but there's really nothing I can do now except wait.  So, wait I shall.


Anyways, Halloween came and went pretty quickly.  Too bad it was on a Monday this year, so there were barely any trick-or-treaters to give candy to.  I meant to post on Halloween but forgot, so here's the pumpkin I carved.  Know who it is?

Sanji! (from Once Piece)  I should've taken this picture from a better angle so you can see his curly eyebrow.


Oh, today I watched Naruto Shippuuden for the first time in months.  I don't like fillers, but I heard there was some NaruSaku-ness so I checked it out.  It was filler-y, but that's okay.  I was more excited about the new OP because although it was totally goofy and full of WTH?!?, the nice animators gave us this:

♥!  CUTE!  I like.
Too bad at the moment of contact, it switched to the scene of Naruto hugging his dark side.  Tch.

And this scene was kinda cool, although it's 1000% not happening, EVER:

I mean, come on.  Flying, three-handed jutsu combo, AND some kinda chidori being produced?! 
Mm hmm, ok. Looked cool, though.  Team 7 love!

I was happy to see more Sai incorporation into the new OP, so  I looked at the upcoming episode titles and saw that there will be an episode focusing on him in a few weeks.  Yay Hinocchi <3  This year started out with so much Sai coolness (which sparked my Hinocchi madness ^^;;; ), but came to a dead halt after the whole Sasuke reunion thingie...Boo~  I hope they give Sai more appearances soon since it's just silly filler episodes anyways.  In past filler arcs, they seemed to take advantage of that to build on his character, so hopefully they'll do so again. 

Shippuuden 81

Who woulda thought I'd ever consider Sai x Sakura?  Maybe it's just because he brought about an indirect NaruSaku moment where he tricked Sakura into defending Naruto...maybe it was his crazy ink-bat-umbrella...who knows.  I used to absolutely hate him, but I've been loving how the anime team's been adding more scenes with him and making his character a lot more likable. 

This rain scene was absolutely adorable in both the NaruSaku and the SaiSaku way X3 
Now if only Sai didn't go back to his weird midriff outfit!!

It's HOT

What kind of spring is this???!!  It's not even 2 o'clock and it's already 95 degrees!!  I heard we're gonna be in the 100's today and probably through until the weekend.  Isn't it bad enough that we have 100 degree weather all summer?  Why must it happen in spring too?

Anyways....Happy  Birthday mishiru_shi !  Hope you have a great day! :D

YAY, in addition to FF/KH/WEWY, now I'm also going to be working on that NS/SS doujinshi I mentioned with power-j (whose narusaku art i've admired for a while now) and demidemi (whose website super-coincidentally has the same name as my old, sadly-neglected website, "peppermint" :P ).  This'll be great because I've always wanted to do an NS doujinshi, but there was no way I could do it alone.  I hope all these doujinshi projects go smoothly since this may possibly be the last summer I could waste spend all this time on drawing...but I dunno, I have no idea what the next summer will be like yet.

Anyhoo, no more messing around.  I have 5 hours left of podcasts to listen to for my midterm tomorrow.  SUUUUCKS!!  I guess that's what I get for falling asleep in class EVERY time.  


My OTP forever


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For this week's Shippuuden...thank goodness for a normally paced episode with good animation (my 2nd favorite team!).  If they pulled all that staring shit with training episodes I'd go crazy.  I guess fillers officially start next week...maybe they won't be so bad.  
Aw and no omake this week  D:  Come on, they had 2 weeks to do it!

Anyways, 2 midterms down.  It was so funny in Spanish because right after passing out the exam, my instructor immediately began reading the paragraph for the dialogue portion, even though some of us were still trying to read the directions (which were also all in Spanish..she didn't even warn us).  

Right after she finished reading the paragraph, a guy raises his hand and says, "Um yeah, profesora....WHAT ARE WE DOING?!"  
Lol best question ever. 

Shippuuden 48

 Couldn't have been any more bored with today's Shippuuden episode. It didn't help that the animation was ugly again...plus the billions of ridiculously LONG face shots..  seriously, before Shippuuden they never wasted that much time with pointless face shots.  WTF 

I was happy to see this though:

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Oh well, next week's episode looks soooo much better ^^ 

It'll be nice especially since my midterms will be over by then! :D  
Ugh, but till then I better keep studying... T_T

Shippuuden 45 = NARUSAKU galore [spoilers]

OMG I've never felt so much love for a couple before now.  THANK YOU PRETTY ANIMATION TEAM for adding more NaruSaku moments in addition to the ones from the manga!!! T__T  I love this episode more than every previous Shippuuden episodes combined!!! 

I can't put into words how happy this episode made me, so I took the time to make a few screenshots of the reasons why:
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Grr YouTube people + Shippuuden 44

Ew, someone posted on YouTube a "translated" version of one of Mirai-kouku (my FAVORITE circle! XO )'s short NaruSaku doujinshis, except that this person basically made up their own dialogue and slapped it on there (and I hate it).  GRR.  

Well, at least this week's Shippuuden episode was pretty good :)  
Animation was acceptable, except for Sakura's big monkey arms in one running scene...but it's okay because she was heading towards Naruto (in tears!  ohh thank you animation team for that! <3 )  
All NaruSaku moments were GREAT!  
Finally, the famous Yamato-knows-all speech...  "Sakura I can tell just by looking at you.  You actually l--XD !!!  
I love that Dattebayo added that last "l--" even though it doesn't really have to be there~! Everyone knows what he meant anyways! <3 <3 <3  

Ahh I was like this 2 years ago when it happened in the manga too, so I shouldn't be surprised... but I just love it when my couples have their moments~ :3  Too bad it'll be over soon ^^;

Yay LONG SHOT PARTY "distance" single's finally out!  I don't care if 99% of who listens to it hates it, I love that song XD 

tamaki squee

About Naruto ch.385

Kishimoto's a freaking genious, really.  He sets up huge plots years in advance, gives us a SLIGHT peek and then tucks it away, then out of nowhere, BAM!!  Surprise, there actually WAS more to it!!  Ahhh I love it ^_^    
Seriously, in the 3 or 4 years since the mentioning of there being a big Uchiha secret, I almost forgot there even WAS a secret if it weren't for my bro (who's watching the dub) asking me what it was.  

And thank goodness Kishimoto's not writing Itachi out to be the loving-Oniisan-in-disguise who actually cared about Sasuke the whole time.  Haha, no -- he really is pure, dirty, evil like he's always been ^_^

  <-- Tiny, tiny NaruSaku sketch done in microbio (ha).  Wanna do a real version of this soon too...