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naruto yay!

Takeuchi Junko is Sabo?! <3

I wasn't really looking forward to this Luffy/Ace/Sabo flashback arc, but once I heard Sabo's voice today, my attitude has totally changed!!  When I was reading the manga, I was always imagining a more manly voice, maybe something like SuzuKen...? But Takeuchi Junkooooo  ~~?!! Yaay I like it!!   


Anyhoo, looks like the pillows are releasing a new song, "Comic Sonic" as a theme for the anime Sket Dance:  http://www.pillows.jp/pp/info/news/3740.html 

Can't wait to hear a preview~~

tamaki squee

Just cuz I'm excited

...and will gush about more when I have the time.  (Or not.)

-the pillows' new album "HORN AGAIN" is released!!!  I'm having my first listen as I type!  They sound wonderful!! 

-finished "Darker Than Black" season 1!!  HEI !!!! 

-marathoning "Skip Beat!" and loving it!!  AHHH REN!!! <3 MIYANO MAMORU SHO!!  <3  (FUUGGG when did I start falling for those bishie tricks and getting caught up in so much shoujo anime/manga?!!)

-found a group that releases high quality Sailor Moon torrents! ( http://www.sailormooncenter.net/ ) Episodes, movies, CDs, DVD extras, interviews...!!  AHHH the high quality DVD rips I've always longed for!!!  (...though it'll take an eternity to dl   -_-;; )

-the long-awaited Ouran manga one-shot!!  I think it's already out so I'll be waiting for the raw/scanlation to surface--!!

-ONE PIECE 484!!  Download faster!!  Damn my slow internet!!  Aaaaaaaace ( ; _ ; ) ... I mean, I knew it was gonna happen anyways, but still it tears me apart!  Luffyyyyy~~~!!


The wait's killing me

Augh....it won't be long before the last chapter of Ouran's out...it's killing me...  Well, not that like I was left in suspense or anything since everything's pretty much wrapped up, but you know, it's hard to know that a series you've been following for years is going to end.   At least I feel pretty sure that it'll be a satisfying ending, unlike other series that ended in complete shit.... I'm too sleepy to elaborate.

Ughhh I wonder how I'll take it when Naruto and One Piece finally end.  Naruto I see happening in the next two or three years (if so, thank goodness), but I feel like One Piece may still hang around longer (again...if so, thank goodness).

Why am I babbling...time to sleep...

Oh yeah, but first...Yahiko x Konan.  I guess I saw it coming, but REALLY?  It's kinda cute, but why introduce it now?  It seems like the only time Kishi shows some good coupling hints is when one or both of the people involved are already dead or are about to die. D:

Summer's end plus some anime rambling

Well, feels like summer's pretty much over for me since he flew back to Michigan this morning... but I've gotta say it was an amazing summer.  Pillows concert, California Adventure, Disneyland, Anime Expo, Reno, parasailing in Tahoe, exploring San Francisco, lots of drinking and eating out and movies.... ahh it was hard on the wallet, but god it was fun.  One of my best summers ever.  Ugh, cried my eyes out last night and a couple of times today, but I think I'm good now.  Took out the frustrations at the gym cuz boy do I need it.  I WILL establish a routine and stick do it, dammit. 

Anyways, this was a good summer for anime and manga too.  I will now ramble. 

Just read Ouran ch. 81 today and OMGGGG I couldn't believe it.  Finally I shipped a couple that worked out beautifully!! I wasn't too thrilled about the excess blushing coming from both Tamaki and Haruhi in lots of scenes, but when Tamaki found her "weakness" I just exploded.  It was so damn cute and it's what I always wanted to see between them.  Totally worth the 2 (or was it 3?) month wait.  I'm sad there's only a few more chapters to go...

Naruto manga's been very sweet lately :)  Kushina's awesome, and MinaKushi has quickly become one of my favorite pairings in the series (I mean, it's one of the only legit couple it has...).  The anime's also been very kickass and I'm loving the additions to this Pain arc. 

Last month I watched Toradora and got totally screwed.  I got so hooked on it and marathoned it in one weekend... I was a fool and rooted for a couple that absolutely should've worked out but DIDN'T for some retarded reason!!  Gaghh I can't get over it.  Right when it hit episode 19 or 20 then I was in pain watching them get ruined...episode...after...episode...  I wish I could wipe those last episodes out of my memory then I'd be completely in love with the series.

At AX2010, I saw the new Trigun movie and it was freaking awesome!!  It resparked my interest in Trigun and I rewatched the whole thing...gosh I love that show.  If only it could be re-done with the animation quality of the movie...  I also saw the second new Eva movie and it was just as amazing.  I LOOVE the tiny romance hints they snuck in there. Makes things sooo much more interesting.  GAHH what's with all these kick-ass revivals of old anime?  Dragon Ball Kai, FMA Brotherhood, Trigun, Eva...what's next??  (Please be Sailor Moon XD)

Yesterday I saw the One Piece Strong World movie and it was beyond words XD  It kicked SO MUCH ASS.  Animation was top notch, battles were ridiculously cool, plot was GREAT...ahh it was beautiful.

Naruto 476 = D:

Reaction to Naruto ch. 476:

Yeah, he kinda failed this week. I mean, come on, REALLY? After all the crap that's ever happened to him, he finally caves in because everyone's finally being reasonable after all these years of Sasuke's bullshit?  Weak. 

A sharp contrast to One Piece 568  which was completely awesome and moving.  Aughh Aaaccee!! Luffyyyyy!!  What a great chapter to end the year with :D

yay some doujin

Haha so much for trying to update regularly. I'm starting to suck at this XD

Anyways, finally got a hold of some more Seiya x Usagi doujinshi that just arrived today.
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Just finished watching today's AOTS where Olivia showed some pics for her new magazine and I gotta say....DAMN. She is so hot. I mean I always knew, but those pics were just... O_o