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And the nostalgia continues

I guess companies are really banking on nostalgia, huh?  Maybe they figured that the people who were fans of these shows are adults now and can now afford to buy all the new merchandise.

Wish I wrote a post while my excitement was at it's freshest, but nonetheless I'm still soooo, soo happy to hear that later this year and then in 2015, there will be a new Dragon Ball Z movie, a 2nd season for Kamisama Hajimemashita, the LOOOOOOOOONG-awaited uncut dub of all 200 Sailor Moon episodes (with a freaking FANTASTIC new cast)...but most of all, the new Digimon series about the original Adventure/02 cast.

I never would've thought that after 15 years and several different Digimon series, Toei would come back and make a new series for the original group.  Not only that, but to take place during their high school days, which has probably always been the most discussed thing in the fandom ever.  Augh, so awesome.  There were even new posts in the Digimon LJ comm which has been dormant for a long time now.  It's nice to see the fans coming out and getting excited again.

I'm also excited to finally see the end of Naruto in sight.  I love the series and have been following it for just over 10 years, but.... enough's enough.  I know I'll be sad when it's finally over, but I've been ready for a while now.  As they say, all good things must end...and Naruto's a very good thing that I can't stand to see dragged out for years and years...and years.
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Sailor Moon Crystal leaks

Wow, how many people snuck in recordings at that no-cameras/phones-allowed SMC screening anyways?  Not that I'm complaining since I couldn't help but spoil myself a little.

Aughhh it's gorgeous.  I'm not saying I gave into the new character designs (cuz I probably will never), but it still looks gorgeous.  The vibrant colors, the beautiful BGM, the fact that they finally fixed the weird sleeves and seemingly feet-less bottom of Princess Serenity's dress... a better-looking Mamoru...the senshi and friggin' SHITENNOU looking badass in the OP...!!! Ahh it still seems unreal.

Hurry, July 5th, hurry.
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Just cuz I'm excited

...and will gush about more when I have the time.  (Or not.)

-the pillows' new album "HORN AGAIN" is released!!!  I'm having my first listen as I type!  They sound wonderful!! 

-finished "Darker Than Black" season 1!!  HEI !!!! 

-marathoning "Skip Beat!" and loving it!!  AHHH REN!!! <3 MIYANO MAMORU SHO!!  <3  (FUUGGG when did I start falling for those bishie tricks and getting caught up in so much shoujo anime/manga?!!)

-found a group that releases high quality Sailor Moon torrents! ( http://www.sailormooncenter.net/ ) Episodes, movies, CDs, DVD extras, interviews...!!  AHHH the high quality DVD rips I've always longed for!!!  (...though it'll take an eternity to dl   -_-;; )

-the long-awaited Ouran manga one-shot!!  I think it's already out so I'll be waiting for the raw/scanlation to surface--!!

-ONE PIECE 484!!  Download faster!!  Damn my slow internet!!  Aaaaaaaace ( ; _ ; ) ... I mean, I knew it was gonna happen anyways, but still it tears me apart!  Luffyyyyy~~~!!

narusaku eehh?!

Haha wtf am I re-watching Sailor Moon...? XD

Oh memories.  You know, if you peel away all the ridiculous parts (monsters of the day, characters-to-help of the day, superdrama, looong transformation sequences, etc.) you're left with something pretty awesome (and only about 10% of the show).  Meh, nonetheless I still love it. 

Seriously, Mamoru would've been my favorite character if this were real (and it's not because I like seiusa):

"See, I love her this much!! See, see??" 

Hilarious XD

yay some doujin

Haha so much for trying to update regularly. I'm starting to suck at this XD

Anyways, finally got a hold of some more Seiya x Usagi doujinshi that just arrived today.
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Just finished watching today's AOTS where Olivia showed some pics for her new magazine and I gotta say....DAMN. She is so hot. I mean I always knew, but those pics were just... O_o