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SR ch.283, SR OVA ep. 25

Well, I wouldn't bitch about it the way hundreds of other fans are on forums, but SR 283 (the last chapter) was a bit on the "meh" side.  The story seemed to be at an all-time high and this ending was just so...abrupt.  Well, whatever, SRZ seems to be confirmed so I'll still hang onto comments until that gets released.  Hopefully it'll just be a continuation of SR (kind of like what DBZ was to Dragon Ball).   

I just watched the RAW of the SR OVA of episode 25.  Haha, they really fooled people with trailers, showing scenes from arcs that were only recapped in the actual episode.  Oh well, I loved it because they covered my favorite chapters.  Seeing SR animated again after 3 years is just awesome. The animation was a bit on the sharp side (maybe a problem with the RAW?), but still, it was perfect. 
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School Rumble San Gakkiiiiiiii

This makes me so happy :D !!!  HARIMAAA!!!

After 2 years, finally a new season is coming out!! It's just 2 OVAs, but oh well. I'd trade a full-length season to have top-notch OVA animation any day. I went crazy over this trailer because surprisingly, it has scenes from manga chapters that came out only a month ago!  (Man, if SR can animate manga chapters that quickly, why the hell does it take Shippuuden like, 3 years?)

I can't wait for July/Sept 17  :D


Hour to waste

I should be on my way back home now, but that lab professor wants me to come in at 3, so now I have an hour to waste.

HMM dunno how my 2 midterms went this week...  Not as well as the first ones, that's for sure.  No time to worry, though, because there's 3 more next week plus in-class essay...then a few more days until finals 

I want to stab spring quarter in the face.

Holy crap, just read School Rumble ch. 273 online... no freaking way.  That was a...heavy chapter.  I'm so sad! I can't believe this is the same SR series I've been reading all this time. The ending feels really close...I wonder if Kobayashi will make it to 300 chapters.  Hmm, as if it wasn't hard enough to accept the sudden change in Karasuma's character, it's kinda weird with Kobayashi also starting to draw him differently all of a sudden... looks really weird to me.

I hear it's gonna be 103 today.  No.... T_T
fail at life

Curse my curious mind

GAUGH why did I let myself be tempted into checking out ch. 393 spoilers?!  Aughhh so stupid!!  Oh well, at least it was only a few pages...but now I'm dying to read the whole chapter this week...

Grr and where the heck is School Rumble ch. 264? 

Manga torture.

Nevermind.  Found it.  And OMG.

Kobayashi Jin is AMAZING.  HOW THE F!#$%  did he keep that hidden for 263 chapters?!?! OMG my head's still spinning.


More School Rumble blabbing

Finally read the School Rumble chapters that preceded this month's batch...and omg Koboyashi has completely redeemed himself. Tying up loose ends for fans of failed pairings, bringing up some great scenes for fans of other pairings... and man I didn't think he was capable of making these triangles so freaking angsty! Aughhh my heart is breaking over and over for like five characters at the same time. ;_;

Harimaaaaa~!!!! TAT How can a character be so tough and soft at the same time....?  So funny and yet so heartwrenching..?!  Amazing character, I've never seen one like him.  I hope the third season covers the chapter with Harima and Tenma during the walking festival.. :

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For people who haven't read/seen School Rumble, this page might seem cliche, but trust me it's NOT!!!  Whatever happened before and after this was completely awesome.  

Geez these chapters killing me!! Really, the Harima/Tenma/Karasuma triangle has become my favorite one ever...it's had the highest highs and is currently going through its lowest lows and I freaking love it!! Want...to draw..but..... aughh CURSE these midterms!

Man I love it!! (Have I said that enough?) This is by far one of the most enjoyable mangas I've ever read...except for Naruto during its "good" months XD
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School Rumble Term 3 Confirmed!

It really was a good thing I got back into School Rumble last week.  This week's chapter was so awesome T___T  Finally,Tenma angst, Harima finally whooping the daylights out of Karasuma for her sake...!  I've waited for this for so long in this series!!! (..But I wonder if that means we're coming closer to the end...?)

And best of all...Koboyashi announced the production of School Rumble Term 3 !!


After 2 years, finally more Sukuran anime!  Too bad it's gonna be OVAs, though.. there's so much material for another whole season, so I wonder which episodes they'll choose to animate.  Oh well, at least OVA animation quality is top notch.


random stuff

Today was me and my boyfriend's six-year anniversary!  Yay <3  I couldn't eat meat today so we just went out for some sushi.  Yummy. :)

...and Happy Birthday rbai !  Hope you had a good one!! 

Yay, came home to another package~  an Ouran volume, the whole Fruits Basket series on DVD, and Konjou Kumiai's anthology "River" ~!! <3  YAY XD  Really, she makes Sasuke x Sakura suuuch a more acceptable pairing to me (nowhere near NaruSaku, but still).  I also received my NaruSaku poster today from the H&E V-day contest!  It's so cute ^__^  The DVD boxset should be coming in soon too~ :3  Argh, I wish I could use my freaking shelf now that I finally have stuff to put on it...(the cardboard box I keep all books/manga/doujinshi in has finally reached its limit...the corners are tearing XD)  I gotta wait till I move outta my apartment before I can move my shelf back home though...please let my time in college be only one more year..!!

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It feels like knives are stabbing behind my neck.  This copying/pasting translation business is no joke...it's very tedious... I've been at it for about 6 hours already (4 last night, 2 today)....I think I'll call it a night. T_T