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fail at life

Skip Beat 171

"I instinctively knew what he wanted to say...That's why I raised my defenses before he could say those words... And once again, in an instance, I became utterly detestable...to that man."

Kyokooooo!! STOP being a bitch, PLEASE!! 

Poor Ren ;_;
tamaki squee

Found another seiyuu to love

So first I spent practically the entire last weekend watching Skip Beat, then spent the last few days reading the manga (and still not caught up), and now I'm on the prowl for Konishi Katsuyuki songs.   Ren~! <3    Hmmm and I'll look into Marina Inoue sometime...I'm really impressed with how she plays Kyoko that I wonder how her singing is...

I think I've found what to fill the "Ouran void" with--!!  Maid-sama was close, but Skip Beat is WAY more enjoyable.

Ugh.  Damn this series.  It's ruining me this week, no joke. 
tamaki squee

Just cuz I'm excited

...and will gush about more when I have the time.  (Or not.)

-the pillows' new album "HORN AGAIN" is released!!!  I'm having my first listen as I type!  They sound wonderful!! 

-finished "Darker Than Black" season 1!!  HEI !!!! 

-marathoning "Skip Beat!" and loving it!!  AHHH REN!!! <3 MIYANO MAMORU SHO!!  <3  (FUUGGG when did I start falling for those bishie tricks and getting caught up in so much shoujo anime/manga?!!)

-found a group that releases high quality Sailor Moon torrents! ( http://www.sailormooncenter.net/ ) Episodes, movies, CDs, DVD extras, interviews...!!  AHHH the high quality DVD rips I've always longed for!!!  (...though it'll take an eternity to dl   -_-;; )

-the long-awaited Ouran manga one-shot!!  I think it's already out so I'll be waiting for the raw/scanlation to surface--!!

-ONE PIECE 484!!  Download faster!!  Damn my slow internet!!  Aaaaaaaace ( ; _ ; ) ... I mean, I knew it was gonna happen anyways, but still it tears me apart!  Luffyyyyy~~~!!