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Tachibana Shinnosuke - "Renri no Sakaki" lyrics

There are other songs I’ve been meaning to translate, but this song left such an impression on me that it just shot to the top of my list.  It sounded so lovely I just melted.  The music, Tachi’s singing, the lyrics… all fantastic.  I put a few notes at the bottom to better explain the meaning of "Renri no Sakaki."  Any corrections are welcomed!

Kanji source here.

(“Renri no Sakaki”) *
“Inosculated Sakaki” **

Artist:  Komatsu Tatewaki (CV:  Tachibana Shinnosuke)
Lyrics:  Mori Yuriko
Composition/Arrangement:  Mizutani Hiromi

Album:  Vocal Shuu Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5 ~Shirotae no Love Song~ 1
Release date:  2013/3/27

[kanji + romaji + translation]KANJI:
可笑しいね 君を見ると
理にはかなわぬ 笑(え)みが洩れる

此処に居てほしいと 願うから


きっとね 同じ空を見ている ずっと

遠ざけて 入る日陰
追いかけて来る 陽射しの如く
気がつけば 包まれていた
理にはかなわぬ 吾が心よ

呆れるくらい 真っ直ぐな

私が 同じ場所にいようと思う

また青き 若葉になるまで
きっとね 同じ空を見ている ずっと


kogarashi no naka wo hashiri
ai ni kita no kana?  hoho ga akai yo
okashii ne kimi wo miru to
ri ni wa kanawanu emi ga moreru

koko ni ite hoshii to negau kara

waratte goran?
mirai wo osorezu ni

tomo ni iyou
konoha ga chiri yuki
mata aoki wakaba ni naru made
kitto ne onaji sora wo miteiru zutto
maru de renri no ki no you ni ne

toozakete hairu hikage
oikakete kuru hizashi no gotoku
ki ga tsukeba tsutsumareteita
ri ni wa kanawanu wa ga kokoro yo

akireru kurai massugu na
kimi no egao ga
kono mama tsutzuku you

soba ni iyou
unmei no yukusaki de
kimi no buji wo negau nara
watashi ga onaji basho ni iyou to omou
itsuka renri no ki ni naru hodo

tomo ni iyou
konoha ga chiri yuki
mata aoki wakaba ni naru made
kitto ne onaji sora wo miteiru zutto
maru de renri no ki no you ni ne

soba ni iyou
unmei no yukusaki de
kimi no buji wo negau kara
watashi ga onaji basho ni iyou to omou
itsuka renri no ki ni naru made

Running within the cold winter wind
I wonder if you came to meet me?  Cheeks so red
How strange, when I look at you
It’s unreasonable, a smile comes through

I hope and want you to stay here, so

Will you please smile?
Don’t fear the future

Let’s stay together
The leaves will scatter away
Until there are green, new leaves again
Surely, we’ll be looking at the same sky forever
Just like inosculated trees

We keep at a distance, letting the shade in
It comes chasing in, like sunrays
If you’ve noticed, it was being concealed
It’s unreasonable, oh my heart

I’m amazed at how straightforwardly
Your smile
Continues on like this

Let’s stay close
At the fated destination
If I wish for your safety,
I think we can stay in the same place
Until someday we become inosculated trees

Let’s stay together
The leaves will scatter away
Until there are green, new leaves again
Surely, we’ll be looking at the same sky forever
Just like inosculated trees

Let’s stay close
At the fated destination
If I wish for your safety,
I think we can stay in the same place
Until someday we become inosculated trees


* ”Renri no Sakaki” is the sacred inosculated/fused tree of the Aioi Shrine (shrine of marriage) in Kyoto, said to bring good fortune in marriage.  More info.

** I’ll try to break this down:

  • ”Renri” refers to trees that grow close to each other which, if their branches touch, will eventually fuse and grow together – this is a process called inosculation (yay plant biology…....).  I really just wanted to say something like “intertwined” instead of “inosculated,” but "inosculated" really is the more appropriate term.  It’s actually a very lovely symbol (or simile?  Whatever.).  According to Wikipedia, “Such trees are often colloquially referred to as ‘husband and wife’ trees, or ‘marriage trees.’ ”   Aww!

  • ”Sakaki” is a flowering evergreen tree that’s considered sacred to Shinto religion.


ELEKITER ROUND 0 - "Forbidden Lover" album lyrics

I love this album SO MUCH.  As always, my translations are not totally accurate, so if you notice anything that needs corrections, please let me know!

ELEKITER ROUND 0 - "Forbidden Lover"
Release date:  2013/01/23


Track 1 - 「孤独の太陽」
(Kodoku no Taiyou)
“The Lonely Sun”

Lyrics:  TADD
Composition:  Nishioka Kazuya

Collapse )


Track 2 - “Loveless Diva”

Lyrics:  Tachibana Shinnosuke
Composition:  Kurokawa Yousuke

Collapse )

Track 3 - 「月夜の仮面舞踏会~Masquerade~」
(Tsukiyo no Masquerade)
“The Moonlit Night’s Masquerade”

Lyrics:  Hino Satoshi
Composition:  Isoe Toshimichi

Collapse )


Track 4 - “Lucifer”

Lyrics: TADD
Composition: Isoe Toshimichi

Collapse )

Kanji source here


Comments on album:

It keeps getting harder and harder to choose my favorite ER0 album because each one has something new to offer.    This time we get to hear a different, sexy ER0 in "Kodoku no Taiyou," dramatic/flashy solos for both of them in "Tsukiyo no Masquerade" and "Loveless Diva," and then back to the familiar edgy rock in "Lucifer."  What I like about this album is that it seems overall more adult and dramatic(/tragic?) than their previous albums -- and appropriately so with a title like "Forbidden Lover."

"Kodoku no Taiyou" - In the ER0HoN live, Tachi mentioned that (I think) they asked the lyricist TADD tried to give the song a "hardboiled, erotic, 80's" kinda feel.  It seems to be a story about this woman fooling him into sleeping with her and he goes along with it, even though he knows it'll end badly.  I wonder why the woman (I'm guessing) shot him in the end?  Makes it interesting.  I also really love the way TADD used the sun and moon metaphor for the .  It's a nice way to portray the sexy that's going on in this song :>

This song is definitely ER0's sexiest song yet -- the lyrics, the music, and live performance of it...ahh, I love it.
He, frozen blue sun, wants to fall in flames with you, the moon, on the bed?  "Going so fast, I can't even breathe"?  Oh my, what's with all this sexy, huh~? <3

"Tsukiyo no Masquerade" - In ER0H0N, Hinocchi mentioned that he wrote these lyrics thinking of what the "Phantom of the Opera" would be like if revived in a modern city.  Just like "Phantom," the lyrics seem to be about a mysterious phantom who wants to be with someone, but can't.  Like the original, it seems that the phantom's building comes down in the end and once again, we have a love that can't be.

I really love the music composition on this.  Fast-paced, dramatic, and incorporating the pipe organ with a melody reminiscent of "Phantom."  Oh man, and Hinocchi's live performance of this.  It was just...fantastic.

"Loveless Diva" - Just as the title says, it's about a diva who, even though she's surrounded by adoring fans, doesn't know true love.  He says that he can truly love her, but again it seems unlikely to happen because to her, he looks just like any other fan.  The music's very loud, fast paced, and exciting -- suits Tachi very well and is a complete turn-around from his lovely, emotional "Shoujo to Hako no Uta" from the previous album.  Took me a couple of listens to get used to,
but "Loveless Diva" has grown on me.

On a side note, I noticed the lyrics were written using both katakana and kanji for love -- usually katakana when referring to fans (so, kinda like "love") and kanji when referring to  himself (so, kinda like REAL love).

"Lucifer" - Seems to be about the fallen angel who got cast out of heaven, but he then falls in love with someone -- a human, I'm guessing...?  Anyways, everyone's against it and is set on separating them even if it means by force.  I couldn't really tell if only Lucifer or both of them get killed in the end, but again, another song about forbidden love.
When I listened to the CD the first time, I immediately thought this would be my favorite track, because it had a really pretty melody...  but by my 2nd or 3rd listen, then I had grown so fond of the other tracks that I don't know which one's my favorite anymore.  :P

Tachibana Shinnosuke - "eyes" lyrics

This is my attempt at translating the beautiful ending song for the game "Trick or Alice," sung by Tachi who plays Kuro Usagi.  It's such a short song, but when I checked the lyrics there were still more verses left, so I hope they release a full version sometime. 

Since alulucan hid the lyrics from public, I guess I should just post without the kanji lyrics this time.  (If you're an ameblo member, you can view it at his blog.)  I'm just posting what can be heard in the ending song, so if they ever release a full version then I'll do the rest of it.

Lyrics/composition:  alulucan
Artist:  Tachibana Shinnosuke

hitomi wo tojireba soko ni
boku ga utsuru you ni omoi tsutawaru you ni
toki wo sutsumete kimi no mirai no oto kanjiteru

furetara kowarete shimau sonna ki ga shiteta
dakara hanareteita
kimi wo tooku de mitsumeteru dake de michiteita

ugoki hajimeta SUTOORI wo
osorenaide susumeba boku ga iru

You're tiny sweetie girl
kimi no subete wo boku wa tsutsumeru you ni
You fill my broken heart
kimi no shiawase de umetara
koko ni iru furerareru chikasa de

If you close your eyes, it's there
As if reflecting me, as if transmitting your thoughts
Time moves forward and you can feel the sound of your future

I was worried that if I was touched, I would break
That's why I distanced myself
Just watching you from afar was enough for me

Don't be afraid of the story that started moving
If you move forward, I'll be here

You're tiny sweetie girl
As if I could just wrap up everything that you are
You fill my broken heart
If it's filled with your happiness
I'll be here, you can feel me nearby

Tachibana Shinnosuke - "Kataware Boshi" lyrics translation

(“Kataware Boshi”)
“Star fragment”

Artist:  Kurogane Taito (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)
Lyrics:  Inaba Emi
Composition:  Maezawa Hiroyuki

Album:  Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Character Song CD Vol.1
Release date:  2011/08/03

[kanji + romaji + translation]


スクランブル 降り出す雨






君の居場所 増え続けてる





ore ga ore janai mitai da
karada hanbun ga tooku
tabi ni dete shimatta you da
kimi ga ima koko ni inai

SUKURANBURU furidasu ame
kimi ga naiteru ki ga shita
shingou no tenmetsu isoi da
soko ni kimi ga isou de

aimai na iroshita mirai demo mitai
soba ni , warau kimi ga iru nara

kaze wo dakishimeta
te no sukima fukinuketa
setsunasa umeru no wa
sou da yo , kimi dake

nande da yo
machikado de kimi wo
yume no naka demo kimi wo
mata sagashiteshimau
samayou kataware boshi

densen ga karamaru sora he
kokoro tokihogushitemita
hate nante mitsukaranai yo
kimi wo omou kimochi ni

nidan tobashi eki no kaidan
nobori kireba mieru no ka ?
ima made to chigau sekai ka
kawaranai genjitsu ka

sonzai ni kitzuita ano hi kara mune ni
kimi no ibasho fuetsutzuketeru

yozora mitsumeteru
kono machi no katasumi de
onaji kimochi de iru nara
hashitteku yo

mou nidoto
soshite hanasanai
chanto atte tsutaetai
kimi wo dakishimetara
futari de hitotsu no hoshi

kaze wo dakishimeta
te no sukima fukinuketa
setsunasa umeru no wa
sou da yo , kimi dake

mou nidoto
soshite hanasanai
chanto atte tsutaetai
kimi wo dakishimetara
kagayaku hitotsu no hoshi

I don’t seem like myself
It’s like half of my body
Has gone far away on a journey
Now that you’re not here

Scramble, it starts raining
I had a feeling you were crying
I hurry to the blinking traffic light
You might be there

The future was vaguely colored, but I want to see it
If you are beside me, smiling

I miss you
I embraced the wind
It blew through the space in my hands
The one who can bury the sadness is
That’s right, only you

Why is it that
You’re at the street corner
In the dream, but
I have to search for you again
A wandering star fragment

The electric lines entwine to the sky
It was like my heart untangled
I can’t find an end to it
To my thoughts and feelings for you

Flying up two flights of stairs
Can I see it if I make my way upwards?
A world that’s different from the one up until now?
An unchanging reality?

I noticed your presence in my chest since that day
I’ll continue on to where you are

I miss you
I look up at the night sky
If in this corner of the town,
There is the same feeling, then
I’ll run

Never again
And I’ll never let go
I want to see you and tell you properly
If I embraced you
Both of us will be one star

I miss you
I embraced the wind
It blew through the space in my hands
The one who can bury the sadness is
That’s right, only you

Never again
And I’ll never let go
I want to see you and tell you properly
If I embraced you

We’ll shine as one star

Kanji source here.
hino heart

ELEKITER ROUND 0 - "Summer Snow" album lyrics

Yay finally finished this!  I think this is my favorite ER0 album so far.  Can't wait to see how they perform them live in their "HoN" concert when "Forbidden Lover" comes out in January! ^o^

As always, my translations aren't perfect so corrections are always welcomed!

*2/1/13 - edited "Futari no Shizuku -namida-"
*2/22/13 - edited "Shoujo to Hako no Uta"


ELEKITER ROUND 0 – “Summer Snow”
Release date:  2012/06/20


Track 1 - “Summer Snow”

Lyrics/composition/arrangement: Saki



せつなく、summer snow

きらきら、summer snow


Ah 君が見えなくなって

探して、summer snow

求めて、summer snow


見つけて、summer snow

さよなら、summer snow

chiisa na koi no hajimari
hikari wo chiribameta fuyu no machi
kajikanda te wo POKETTO ni
shinobasete wa waratteta ne

yasashisa sae wasureru
awatadashii hibi no naka de
kimi to boku no jikan dake wa
odayaka de tokubetsu datta

setsunaku, summer snow
futari nagameta
mafuyu no shiroi sora ni dakarete

kirakira, summer snow
te no hira no ue
manatsu no hanabi ni nita hakanasa de
tokete yuku yo ......

yureru PIASU wo ryoute de
hazusu shigusa ga suki datta
kaze ni nabiku kami no kaori
amaku tadayou sono koe mo

hanarete shimau nante
omoi mo shinakatta hibi
itsukara darou ? kokoro no naka
Ah kimi ga mienaku natte

sagashite, summer snow
GURASU no mukou
arifureta mono sae kagayaiteta

motomete, summer snow
aiseteta kana ?
kimi ga kureta ai to onaji you ni

“zutto hanasanaide”
hosoi karada dakishimeteita kedo
sasaerareteta no wa boku no hou
sono mune no oku no yasashisa ni oh

mitsukete, summer snow
kata ni fureteru
teritsukeru atsui hizashi no naka de

sayonara, summer snow
betsubetsu no michi
ayunde iku futari wo mimamoru you ni
furitsumotteku ...

The beginning of a small love
Studded in lights, a town in winter
Hiding hands that grew numb with cold
in our pockets, we were laughing, right?

Forgetting even kindness
within the busy days
Only the time for you and me was
quiet and special

Painfully, summer snow
We both gazed at it
Held by the midwinter white sky

Glistening, summer snow
On the palm of my hand
It looked like midsummer fireworks with its transience
It continues to melt…

I loved the way you removed
earrings with both hands shaking
The scent of your hair fluttering in the wind
and that voice that sweetly hung in the air

The days I never thought of
things like being separated
I wonder since when? Inside my heart,
ah, you have become invisible

Searching, summer snow
Beyond the glass
Even common things sparkled

Wishing for, summer snow
I wonder if I loved you
with the same love you gave me?

“I’ll never let go”
I was holding your thin body, but
the one being supported was me
by the gentleness in that chest, oh

Find it, summer snow
It touches your shoulder
Within the hot sunlight shining down

Goodbye, summer snow
Our own separate ways
As if to watch over both of us as we walk on,

It falls and piles up…


Track 2 - 「少女と箱の唄」
(Shoujo to hako no uta)
“Song of the girl and the box”

Lyrics: Tachibana Shinnosuke
Composition/arrangement: Nishioka Kazuya






プライドだけ 姿だけ
また一つ 積み上げる




決めたんだ 耐えたんだ
何処までも 積み上げる



気休めや 慰めで
痛みいつも 忘れるように

いつも一緒に 積み上げよう
そして一緒に 登りきろう

me wo aketara masshiro na sekai
atarimae no jiyuu no nai heya
yuiitsu shoujo ga yume mita mono
haruka kanata no aoi sora

BEDDO no ue ni kossori tachi
todoke to ookiku senobi shita
kasuka na kanshoku sae mo naku
yume no toosa ga mi ni shimita

namida nugutta masshiro na sekai
jiyuu no kakera ga nozoku heya
yume mita shoujo ga miageta sora
honno sukoshi yurusareru kana

BEDDO no ue ni hitotsu oku
se take gurai ooki na hako
wasure kaketa hohoemi de
hisshi ni natte yoji noboru

iki wo kiraseta hako no ue
mae yori ookiku senobi shita
soredemo tarinai aoi sora
kuchibiru kamishime mitsumeteta

PURAIDO dake sugata dake
ano goro no kage ni wakare wo tsugete
mata hitotsu tsumiageru
ikiteru jibun wo ukeirete

chiisakunatta masshiro na BEDDO
igokochikatta kara no heya
kazu mo wasurete tsumiagete
buzama ni kasanaru hako no michi

aisareru koto sutesatte
kodoku no sekai mukiatte
jibun wo shinji nobotta shoujo
sonna kimi ni boku wa deatta

ase mo fukazu hako wo tsumi
mae yori hayaku tsumiageta
mada mada tarinai aoi sora
kimi wa sukoshi memai ga shita

kimetanda taetanda
ikutsu mono itami hikikae ni shite
dokomade mo tsumiageru
ima aru jibun wo takitsukete

kumo wo mioroshi kimi wa taoreta
itami no amari kao wo yugamete
shiroi sekai no tori ga kite
tegami wo hitotsu oitetta
boku ni misezu ni yomu kimi wa
“KARUKU zetsubou shita” to tsubuyaita
karui mo omoi mo nai no ni ......

teashi no itami oshikoroshi
tsumiage nobori tsumiageru
kimi no eranda michi dakara
boku wa kawatte agerarenai

kiyasume ya nagusame de
wakatta furi wa shitakunai kara
itami itsumo wasureru you ni
zutto boku wa uta wo utau yo

itsumo issho ni tsumiageyou
kimi ga aoi sora ni todoku made
soshite issho ni noborikirou
boku ga tonari de utai tsutzukeru kara

When she opened her eyes, a pure white world
A room without the usual freedom
The one and only girl who dreamed of
The far-off blue sky

Quietly standing on the bed
She stretched out greatly and reached
Without feeling even a faint sensation,
The distance of the dream sank in

She wiped away tears, a pure white world
A room which fragments of freedom peeked into
The girl who dreamt looked up at the sky
I wonder if she’ll be forgiven, even just a bit

She put one on the bed
A large box about her height
With the smile she had started to forget,
She desperately climbed upwards

Out of breath, on the box
She stretched out even greater than before
But still the blue sky wasn’t enough
She bit her lips and gazed at it

Only pride, only appearance
Bidding farewell to the shadow of that time
Stack it up again
Accept the self that exists
Accept it…

The pure white bed that had become small
The empty room that had become cozy
Forgetting even the amount and just stacking it up
Clumsily piling up a path of boxes

Abandoning things she loved
And facing a world of loneliness
The girl who ascended believing in herself
That was the you that I met

Wiping even sweat, loading the boxes
It piled up faster than before
The blue sky still, still wasn’t enough
You became a little bit dizzy

You decided, you endured
How many things did you exchange for pain,
Stacking it up wherever you go
Now, you stir yourself up

Looking down upon on the clouds, you fell
Your face distorted with too much pain
The birds of the white world came
And left behind one letter
Without looking at me, you read it and
Murmured “It was slightly hopeless”
Though it was neither light nor heavy…

The pain of your hands and feet crush you to death
Stacking it up, climbing, stacking it up
Because it was the path you chose,
I can’t take over for you

I didn’t want to pretend to understand by
Comforting you with something like mere consolation, so
To make you always forget the pain,
I was always singing a song

Let’s always stack it up together
Until you reach the blue sky
And then we’ll climb up together

Because I’ll keep on singing beside you


Track 3 -「二つの雫-namida-」
(“Futatsu no shizuku –namida-“)
“Two Teardrops“

Lyrics: Hino Satoshi
Composition/arrangement: Nishioka Kazuya

二つの雫-namida- はじけたよ

一秒だけでも 温もり伝えて

one night love 君を感じてたい
もっと強く焼き付けよう 今という瞬間を

目を閉じて唇重ね 君と交わす
二人の甘い秘密を 心に刻もう

二つの雫-namida- 抱きしめて

一秒だけでも 優しさ伝えて

one night love 君に触れていたい
ずっと深く焼き付けよう 秘めた恋の記憶を

見つめ合い微笑み交わし 君と交わす
二人の甘い口づけを 心に残そう

one night love 君を感じてたい
もっと強く焼き付けよう 今という瞬間を

目を閉じて唇重ね 君と交わす
二人の雫-namida-の涙秘密を 心に刻もう

furishikiru ame ga
futari no omoi utsushidasu you ni
kobore ochiteiku
futatsu no namida hajiketa yo

tomaranai jikan ga bokura
hikihanasu nara
ichibyou dake demo nukumori tsutaete

one night love kimi wo kanjitetai
hitotoki mo wasurenu you ni
motto tsuyoku yakitsukeyou ima toiu shunkan wo

me wo tojite kuchibiru kasane kimi to kawasu
futari no amai himitsu wo kokoro ni kizamou

furiyamanu ame ga
futari no kyori wo chikatzu kaseru yo
yorisou karada ni
futatsu no namida dakishimete

owaranai jikan wo negai
tashikameru you ni
ichibyou dake demo yasashisa tsutaete

one night love kimi ni fureteitai
itsumademo wasurenu you ni
zutto fukaku yakitsukeyou himeta koi no kioku wo

mitsumeai hohoemi kawashi kimi to kawasu
futari no amai kuchitzuke wo kokoro ni nokosou

one night love kimi wo kanjitetai
hitotoki mo wasurenu you ni
motto tsuyoku yakitsukeyou ima toiu shunkan wo

me wo tojite kuchibiru kasane kimi to kawasu
futari no namida no himitsu wo kokoro ni kizamu yo

The pouring rain
Reflects both our feelings
It spills over and falls
Two teardrops burst open

If time doesn't stop
And pulls us apart,
Then for even just a second, we can share warmth

one night love, I want to feel you
So that I won’t forget this moment
I’ll burn it into my mind even stronger, this moment called “now”

Eyes closed, my lips meet with yours
Our sweet secret will be etched into my mind

The nonstop rain
Brings the distance between us closer
Our bodies cuddled together
Two teardrops embrace

A wish for time not to end
As if to ascertain it,
For even just a second, tenderness was conveyed

one night love, I want to touch you
So that I’ll never forget
I’ll burn it deeply into my mind forever, the memory of our hidden love

Gazing at each other, exchanging smiles with you
Our sweet kiss will be etched in my mind

one night love, I want to feel you
So that I won’t forget this moment
I’ll burn it into my mind even stronger, this moment called “now”

Eyes closed, my lips meet with yours

The secret of our tears will be etched into my mind


Track 4 -「戀隠れ 戀乱れ」
("Koi kakure koi midare")
“Hidden love, disarrayed love”

Lyrics: Kodama Saori
Composition/arrangement: Toyota Ryoji

ジリジリ待つ この身を焦がすような 狂おしさ
埋めきれない 心の隙咲く君 見つめあい

この先は 不治の恋への道
いざ勝負 ついておいで

誘うように 探るように
惹かれるまま 求めても尚

虚勢を剥ぎ 嘘偽りを濯ぎ 現れた
有りのままを 知ったとしても君は 変わらない?

聞くはもう 未来と引き替えで
時化や凪 四六時中

ああ 戀隠れ 乱れて

曝け出した 情熱ごと
奪わせてよ 通じあえたなら

誘うように 探るように
惹かれるまま 求めてもっと

JIRIJIRI matsu kono mi wo kogasu you na kuruoshisa
ume kirenai kokoro no suki saku kimi mitsumeai

kono saki wa fuji no koi he no michi
iza shoubu tsuite oide

sasou you ni saguru you ni
tsukamaete goran (saa)
hikareru mama motometemo nao (naze?)
mitasenai itoshisa
kakechigau BOTAN

kyosei wo hagi usoitsuwari wo susugi arawareta
ari no mama wo shitta toshite mo kimi wa kawaranai ?

kiku wa mou mirai to hikikae de
shike ya nagi shirokujichuu

aa koi kakure midarete

sarakedashita jounetsu goto
uketomete hoshii (aa)
ubawasete yo tsuujiaeta nara (mou)
ato wa omou ga mama

sasou you ni saguru you ni
tsukamaete goran (saa)
hikareru mama motomete motto (sou)
fumou na kakehiki wa
mou korekiri da

Running out of patience, I wait – it’s so maddening, it’s like this body is going to burn up
The opening that bloomed in my heart can’t be filled, I gaze at you

From now on, it’s a road to an incurable love
Now come along to the game

To invite you, to feel around for you
To try to catch you  (Now then)
While being attracted, and still wanting for more  (Howcome?)
A love that can’t be satisfied
A conflicting button

Strip off the bluff, wash off the lies, and it became visible
Even if you knew the truth, you wouldn’t change?

To listen is already costing the future
Whether it’s stormy or calm weather, day or night

Ah, a hidden love in disarray

It was exposed, each other’s passion
I want to take it  (Ah)
Let me snatch it, if I made myself clear  (Already)
You can think about it afterwards

To invite you, to feel around for you
To try to catch you (Now then)
While being attracted, and wanting it even more  (That’s it)
An unproductive strategy is

All that’s left

Kanji sources here, and here


Comments on album:
Compared to ER0’s previous albums, I think “Summer Snow” has a more romantic (and suggestive ^^) feel to it.  It’s also a little different because this time, there’s only one rock-ish song (“Koi kakure koi midare”), while the others are pretty slow and use a lot of different instruments – more brass.  It’s a nice change :)

“Summer Snow” is a very pretty, bittersweet song.  The guitar playing in the background is pretty and kinda reminds me of a Spanish guitar style (but I’m no music expert, so I could be wrong).  The highlight of this song for me is when Hinocchi sings the “zutto hanasanaide” lines.  Gorgeous ^.^

“Koi kakure koi midare” is a really nice contrast from “Summer Snow,” both in sound and content.  It has that loud rock-ish feel from previous albums and after translating the lyrics, I realized this song was…kinda sexy, lol, because it’s about this kind of aggressive/frustrated lust.  Not to mention they sang it awesomely.

Hinocchi’s solo, “Futatsu no shizuku –namida-“ is a tad suggestive, but really sweet.  This is also a nice contrast from the lyrics he wrote for “LoVe season” (from the “Maria” album).  “LoVe season” was really bouncy, sweet, and innocent...  and while “Futatsu no shizuku” is still sweet, it’s just slightly more adult.  Ahh he sang this so nicely and I can’t get over the few parts where he uses falsetto.  It’s lovely~

Tachi’s solo, “Shoujo to hako no uta” blew me away.  He improved so much… this was a whole new Tachi for me.  And that “creak” in his voice was a very nice touch <3  This song was interesting – it was kinda like a short story (at a whopping >7mins!).  I like how the song started out as if he was just telling a story, like he was an onlooker, but as you get towards the end, he says that the girl was “you” and that “he” was always there trying to support.  Aww.

Tachibana Shinnosuke - "Kumikyoku" lyrics translation

Yay, done with finals.  I pray that I passed.  I'll just try to enjoy my next week of not-knowing.  About to head off to an obligatory post-final drinking session with my friend's friends whom I don't even know...  drink my sorrows away, lol.

Anyways, figured I'd work on the lyrics translations I've had sitting around while waiting to go.  This is a very nice, fairly recent charasong from Tachi and one of my new favorites of his.  It's pretty romantic and his singing just keeps improving  d=(´▽`)=b

As always, corrections are welcomed!



Artist:  Shitara Seiji (CV : Tachibana Shinnosuke)
Lyrics: min-hwa
Composer: 橋本彦士 / Hashimoto Hikoshi(?)
Arrangement: 鈴木雅也 / Suzuki Masaya

Album:  Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story character song & extra soundtrack
Release date:  2012/03/15

[kanji + romaji + translation]
心が高鳴る crescendo


それは いつでも組曲

恋しい ひとりでは弾けない旋律
流れてくずっと 止まらない


おまえを包む reverb


愛しい ひとつに重ねたい
生まれてく永久 終わらない

zutto kanjiteta
omae to au tabi ni
kokoro ga takanaru crescendo
dakedo ienai mama de

jikan ga kizamu kisetsu
futari de itai kara
mune de hibiku FUREEZU
kanade todoketakute

omoi wo komete tsutzuru gakufu
kotoba ni dekinai negai
sore wa itsudemo kumikyoku
omae dake ni

koishii hitori de wa hikenai senritsu
futari de yorisoetara
nagareteku zutto tomaranai

kokoro misukasu you ni
PURAIDO ga itsumo jama shite
sunao ni narenakatta

yasashiku idaku you ni
omae wo tsutsumu reverb
hoka ni nanimo iranai
tatoe isshun demo

omae no omoi kikasete hoshii
suki na neiro de ii sa
tatta hitotsu no kumikyoku
ore no tame ni

itoshii hitotsu ni kasametai
itsuka yume wo kanaete
umareteku towa owaranai

I had always felt it
At the time that I met you
The crescendo of my heart throbbing
But I can’t tell you, with the way things are

The seasons carve away time
I want both of us to be together so
I play the phrase resounding in my chest
And it carries off

I include my feelings into the music I compose
The wishes I can’t put into words
That will always be a medley
Just for you

I yearned for it, the melody that I couldn’t play by myself
If the two of us could cuddle close
Then it would flow, never stopping

The metronome sways
As if reading my mind
Pride always gets in the way
I couldn’t just be passive

As if embracing you gently,
The reverb envelopes you
I don’t need anything else
Even if it’s only for an instant

I want you to let me hear your feelings
Your favorite tune would be just fine
The one and only medley
For me

I want to put them together into one beloved
Someday my dream will come true

The eternity being born will not end

Kanji source here
hino heart

"Kindan Kyuuketsuki ~Kibara no Toganin~" tracklisting translation

I sometimes like to try translating drama CD track names to help me situate myself when listening.  Meh, I figured I might as well post this in case anyone out there was ever looking for one. 

(Note: the original track listing includes both French and Japanese, but they both mean the same thing so I just kept it to one English phrase in order to not be redundant.)


Kindan Kyuuketsuki ~Kibara no Toganin~
(Forbidden Vampire ~The Yellow Rose Criminal~)
Release Date: 2012/10/17

Friedrich von Weiseheldenburg: Tachibana Shinnosuke


Chapter 1 – The Usurper of the Night

  1.  Paris, or the capital of confusion
  2.  You are a dress-up doll
  3.  Dance, for your master
  4.  The butterflies in the box
  5.  The sky is so far away

Chapter 2 – The Treacherous Yellow Rose

  1.  The torn wing scales
  2.  The two fates
  3.  Ballet Royale
  4.  Exile
  5.  The prey won’t escape

Chapter 3 – The Cruel Fangs of Destiny

  1.  Worthless possession
  2.  The accursed vampire

Chapter 4 – Pas de deux for Eternity

  1.  Kisses of awakening
  2.  With sighs that fill up until the heart
  3.  Even if this love were to be distorted

Theme song – “Granite Eternity”

Chapter 5 – A Little Speech ~Free Talk~

禁断吸血鬼 ~黄薔薇ノ咎人~

フリードリヒ・フォン・ヴァイセヘルデンブルク : 立花慎之介

Track Listing:
第1章 :Chapitre I.
L'usurpateur de la nuit ~闇夜の簒奪者~

第2章 :Chapitre II.
La rose jaune traîtresse 〜裏切りの黄色い薔薇〜

第3章 :Chapitre III.
Les crocs cruels du Destin 〜残酷なる運命の牙〜

第4章 :Chapitre IV.
Pas de deux pour toujours ~パ・ドゥ・ドゥを、永遠に~

Chanson thème 〜テーマソング〜
第5章 :Chapitre V. Un petit discours 〜フリートーク〜

hino heart

ELEKITER ROUND 0 - "MARIA" album lyrics

Yay, I FINALLY got around to finishing this -- the lyrics for ELEKITER ROUND 0's 2nd mini album, "MARIA"!   I thought it would be good to start including the lyrics/composition/arranger names.  They deserve recognition too!  I'll have to go back sometime and add those to the previous translations I did.

As always, my translation skills aren’t perfect so any corrections are welcomed!!

*2/8/13 - edited tracks 2 and 3


Release date:  2012/02/03


Track 1 - “MARIA”

Lyrics: Tachibana Shinnosuke
Composer: JUN2
Arrangement: JUN2 + Isoe Toshimichi
あの日 一つ託された 紅いドレス
零れ 落ちる涙だけ 暖かく......


We were stupid 傷つけ合い 引き裂かれそうでも
Tears like rain 叫ぶお前 届く祈り

MARIA お前が生まれた この日に捧ぐ
白い ドレスを纏って 微笑みをくれよ


Judgment day 踵鳴らせレクイエム代わりに
Dance to death さけびごえを 刻み込めよ

MARIA お前の涙は 二度と見ないと
白い ドレスに誓って 高らかに
It's show time

神も 悪戯が過ぎる あいつ残し
全て 奪い去ることが 慈悲なのか

MARIA 俺達の想い 願いひとつ
力強く いつまでも 生きてくれ......


ano hi hitotsu takusareta akai DORESU
kobore ochiru namida dake atatakaku…

kibou to waraigoe to ga zetsubou suru machi de
osanaki oretachi wa tomo ni ikinuite kita

We were stupid kizutsukeai hikisakaresou demo
Tears like rain sakebu omae todoku inori

MARIA omae ga umareta kono hi ni sasagu
shiroi DORESU wo matotte hohoemi wo kure yo

joushiki to KUZU toka te wo musubu kono machi de
megami ga ubawareta nara shinu ki de kiba muke

Judgment day kakato narase REKUIEMU kawari ni
Dance to death sakebikoe wo kizamikome yo

MARIA omae no namida wa nidoto minai to
shiroi DORESU ni chikatte takaraka ni
It's show time

kami mo itazura ga sugiru aitsu nokoshi
subete ubaisaru koto ga jihi nanoka

MARIA oretachi no omoi negai hitotsu
chikara tsuyoku itsumademo ikitekure…

Ah…omae no shiroi DORESU
akaku akaku nijimi somari yuku
Ah… saigo ni yurushitekure
tsurete yuku namida no ame

That day you were entrusted with one red dress

Only tears spilled over and fell so warmly…

Hope and laughter in a town that caused despair
We were so young and lived through it together

We were stupid, hurting each other, it seemed like we’d be torn apart but,
Tears like rain, you cried out and a prayer reached through

Maria, given on this day you were born on
Wear the white dress and give us a smile

Common sense and trash joined hands in this town
If the goddess was stolen away, then we’d die with our fangs bared

Judgment day, the click of a heel, instead of a requiem,
Dance to death, the screaming voices are etched in

Maria, your tears will never be seen again
Swear it upon the white dress, loudly
It’s show time

Even for god, the prank has gone too far, for the one who was left behind
To have everything taken away –  is that what mercy is?

Maria, our feelings, our one wish
Please live on strongly forever

Ah… Your white dress
So red, so red, it seeps in and is dyed
Ah… In the end, please forgive us

Take us along with a rain of tears


Track 2 - 「小動物的反動形成」
(Shoudoubutsu Teki Handou Keisei)
“Small animal reaction formation”

Lyrics: Tachibana Shinnosuke
Composition/Arrangement: Kurokawa Yousuke
誰かがいるのかも知らず 大口開けてあくび
誰もが口々に 硝子を叩きながら
可愛いという 見せもんじゃねぇ!!
猫ってなんだ 俺の事かよ!?

あの男は誰だ ひと時だけの優しさなら
願いだ下だ いつもただ独り
もし俺を見つめて 生きる意味と
少しだけなら 甘えてもいい

何もかもが新しく眩しい 太陽が昇る朝
あいつより一足早く起きて 澄んだ空にひと鳴き
呆れるほど広く静かな部屋に 俺の声が響く
いつまでも ねてるんじゃねぇ!!
水だけじゃもう 腹が減ったぜ!!

ありえないくらいの 不思議な我が儘を笑顔で
許しながら 鼻を近づける
溢れ過ぎる愛と 価値を俺にくれたのはお前だから
ほんの少しだけ 優しく鳴いた


嗚呼 明かりと共に 眠れない心を底から
癒やしていく お前ただひとり
喉震わせながら いつも素直になれない俺だから
別に寂しい わけじゃないのさ
でも今だけ 甘えてもいい

itsumo minareteiru kono semai heya
kawaribae no nai asa
tonari ni dare ga iru no kamoshirazu ooguchi hirakete akubi
koko ni sumi hajimete kara hantoshi kan
daremo ga kuchiguchi ni garasu wo tataki nagara
kawaii to iu mise mon janee !!
neko tte nanda ore no koto ka yo !?

ano otoko wa dare da hitotoki dake no yasashisa nara
negaisage da itsumo tada hitori
moshi ore wo mitsumete ikiru imi to hontou no ai wo kurereba
sukoshi dake nara amaetemo ii

nanimokamo ga atarashiku mabushii taiyou ga noboru asa
aitsu yori hitoashi hayaku okite sunda sora ni hito naki
akireru hodo hiroku shizuka na heya ni ore no koe ga hibiku
makuramoto ni tobinori
itsumademo neterun janee !!
mizu dake ja mou hara ga hetta ze !!

arienai kurai no fushigi na wagamama wo egao de
yurushi nagara hana wo chikatzukeru
afure sugiru ai to kachi wo ore ni kureta no wa omae dakara
honno sukoshi dake yasashiku naita

hoshi ga mai
heya ni wa yami
nande da yo mou
suterareta no ka !?

aa akari to tomo ni nemurenai kokoro wo soko kara
iyashiteiku omae tada hitori
nodo furuwase nagara itsumo sunao ni narenai ore dakara
betsu ni sabishii wake janai no sa
demo ima dake amaetemo ii

I’m used to always seeing this narrow room

The same old morning
Maybe someone’s there next to me, a big mouth opens to yawn
It’s been half a year since I started living here
While each and every person hit the glass,
Calling me “cute” – I’m not an exhibition!!
What’s a “cat”?  Is that me!?

Who’s that man?  If it’ll only be a short-lived kindness,
then no thanks, I’m always just alone
In case you’re watching me, if you give me a life of meaning and real love,
then just a little bit, I can behave like a spoiled child

Just about everything is newly dazzling, the morning that the sun rises
I wake up just before he does, I meow to the sky that has cleared
My voice resounds so widely in the quiet room that I’m amazed
I jump over to by your pillow
Don’t sleep for as long as you like!!
It’s not just water anymore –  I’m hungry too!!

With a smile at my fairly unlikely, strange selfishness,  
You bring me close to your nose as you forgive me
Because the one who gave me so much overflowing love and worth was you,
Only just a little bit, I gently cried

The stars dance
In the room is darkness
Why the heck
have I already been abandoned!?

Ah, my restless heart is there along with the light, so
the only one who can cure it is you
I won’t always be obedient and purr, so
It’s not like I’m lonely or anything

But just for now, I can behave like a spoiled child


Track 3 - “LoVe season”

Lyrics: Hino Satoshi
Composition/arrangement: Ooyama You
雨上がり ひかり射し込んで
水溜まり 軽く飛び越える
恋の魔法に魅せられた 瞬間から


Happy, Lucky, LoVe season
Dancing, Dancing この気持ちはいま
ah 君に夢中なの?

Happy, Lucky, LoVe season
Dancing, Dancing もう止まらないよ

歩道橋 架かる大通りも
いつもとは 違って見えるよ
浮かれ気分で格好つけ ステップ踏み


Happy, Merry, LoVe season
Singing, Singing, この気持ちをいま
ah 空へ叫ぼう

Happy, Enjoy, LoVe season
feeling, going, もう迷わないよ



Happy, Lucky, LoVe season
Dancing, Dancing この気持ちはいま
ah キミに夢中だよ

kiss you, kiss me, LoVe season
LoVe me, LoVe you もう止まらないよ

ameagari hikari sashikonde
mizutamari karuku tobikoeru
koi no mahou ni miserareta shunkan kara

boku no naka no hari ga toki wo kizanda
saa, hajimaru yo

Happy, Lucky, LoVe season
Dancing, Dancing kono kimochi wa ima
ah kimi ni muchuu na no?

Happy, Lucky, LoVe season
Dancing, Dancing mou tomaranai yo
hora, oshare shite machi ni tobidasou

hodoukyou kakaru oodoori mo
itsumo to wa chigatte mieru yo
ukare kibun de kakkou tsuke SUTEPPU fumi

koi no fumen , nazoru you ni SUTOORII wo
saa, tsukurou yo

Happy, Merry, LoVe season
Singing, Singing, kono kimochi wo ima
ah sora he sakebou

Happy, Enjoy, LoVe season
feeling, going, mou mayowanai yo
sou, kimi no iru deguchi wo mezashite

me to me ga, au dake de
omoi ga, hajikesou
boku no kodou wa saikouchou ni takanari dasu

koi no kaori, kaze ga hakonde kitara
saa, tsutae you

Happy, Lucky, LoVe season
Dancing, Dancing kono kimochi wa ima
ah kimi ni muchuu da yo

kiss you, kiss me, LoVe season
LoVe me, LoVe you mou tomaranai yo
hora, oshare shite machi nikuridasou

After the rain, light shines in

I lightly jump over puddles
Since the moment I was enchanted by the magic of love

The hand of the clock inside me ticked away the time
Now, it begins

Happy, Lucky, LoVe season
Dancing, Dancing right now is this the feeling
ah, of being entranced by you?

Happy, Lucky, LoVe season
Dancing, Dancing, don’t stop anymore
Hey, dress sharp and we’ll jump into town

We cross the pedestrian bridge and the main street, too
It looks different than usual
With a merry mood and looking good, we take a step

A story that follows the written music of love
Now, let’s create it

Happy, Merry, LoVe season
Singing, Singing, right now, this feeling
ah, let’s shout it to the sky

Happy, Enjoy, LoVe season
feeling, going, don’t hesitate anymore
That’s right, I’m aiming towards the exit where you are

Just by meeting eye to eye,
My feelings snap
My heartbeat throbs violently to a climax

When the wind comes carrying with it the scent of love,
Now, let’s convey it

Happy, Lucky, LoVe season
Dancing, Dancing right now this feeling is
ah, I’m entranced by you

kiss you, kiss me, LoVe season
LoVe me, LoVe you, don’t stop anymore

Hey, dress sharp and let’s jump into town


Track 4 - 「φの地平から」
(Zero no chihei kara)
“From ground zero”

Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
Composition: MariC
Arrangement: Isoe Toshimichi
あぁ せつない雨が 静かに 君をつつむ
傷ついた心 隠して 瞳伏せた

何もない両手に カケラが光る
やっと 気づいたんだ 大事なこと

風を越えて あさゆこう(さあゆこう)
空の向こうへ 跳ぼう(飛び立とう)
φの地平 始めよう(始めよう)
僕らの起こす 奇蹟(歌おう)

あぁ 悲しい記憶 いつしかゆらいだ夢
やっと 分かったんだ 君の願い

希望のドア 今開けよう(開けよう)
宙のかなた ゆける(どこまでも)
φの不思議 抱きしめて(抱きしめて)
一緒に起こそう 奇蹟(歌おう)
風を越えて さあゆこう(さあゆこう)
空の向こうへ 跳ぼう(飛び立とう)
φの地平 始めよう(始めよう)
僕ら起こす 奇蹟(歌おう)

風を越えて さあゆこう(さあゆこう)
空の向こうへ 飛ぼう(飛び立とう)
どんなことも できる(歌おう)

もっと もっと 笑顔で!
もっと もっとそばに おいで

aa setsunai ame ga shizuka ni kimi wo tsutsumu
kizutsuita kokoro kakushite hitomi fuseta

nanimo nai ryoute ni kakera ga hikaru
yatto kitzuitanda daiji na koto

kaze wo koete saa yukou ( saa yukou )
sora no mukou he tobou ( tobitatou )
zero no chihei hajimeyou ( hajimeyou )
bokura okosu kiseki ( utaou )

aa kanashii kioku itsushika yuraida yume

jibun no yowasa mitometa toki ni
yatto wakattanda kimi no negai

kibou no DOA ima hirakeyou ( hirakeyou )
sora no kanata yukeru ( dokomade mo )
zero no fushigi dakishimete ( dakishimete )
issho ni okosou kiseki ( utaou )

kaze wo koete saa yukou ( saa yukou )
sora no mukou he tobou ( tobi tatou )
zero no chihei hajime you ( hajime you )
bokura okosu kiseki ( utaou )

kaze wo koete saa yukou ( saa yukou )
sora no mukou he tobou ( tobi tatou )
koko ni kimi ga iru dake de ( iru dake de )
donna koto mo dekiru ( utaou )

motto motto egao de !
motto motto soba ni oide

Ah the miserable rain quietly engulfs you

You hid a wounded heart and covered your eyes

Empty-handed, the pieces shine
I finally realized something important

Passing through the wind, now let’s go (now, let’s go)
Let’s soar to the other side of the sky (let’s take off)
Let’s start at ground zero (let’s start)
The miracle we make (let’s sing)

Ah sad memories, before I realized it, a shaken dream

When I realized my own weakness,
I finally understood your wish

Let’s open the door of hope now (let’s open it)
Go the distance of space (anywhere)
Embrace the wonder of zero (embrace it)
The miracle we’ll make together (let’s sing)

Passing through the wind, now let’s go (now, let’s go)
Let’s soar to the other side of the sky (let’s take off)
Let’s start at ground zero (let’s start)
The miracle we make (let’s sing)

Passing through the wind, now let’s go (now let’s go)
Let’s soar to the other side of the sky (let’s take off)
Just by having you here (just by having you)
I can do anything (let’s sing)

With more and more smiles!

More and more, come closer beside me


Comments on album:
While their previous albums had an overall rock feel, “Maria” had a bit more variety, like ska in “LoVe season” and this violin/rock blend in “Shoudoubutsu Teki Handou Keisei.”

My favorite song on this album is of course, the awesome, bad-ass “Maria,” followed by the bouncy “LoVe season”.  “Shoudoubutsu Teki Handou Keisei” is cute while still having a cool sound and fast pace.  “Zero no chihei kara” is nice too, but a bit…slow?  And the lyrics were…really hard for me to figure out ^^;

LUX-AGE - "Radiance!" lyrics

Corrections are welcome!

019 - Copy
(^^ I use this as the album art for my iPod.  The Lux-Age photo booklet had so many cute pics.)

Artist: LUX-AGE (Tachibana Shinnosuke & Naruse Makoto)
Lyrics: Tachibana Shinnosuke
Composition:  Iwano Michihiro

Single:  Radiance!
Release date:  2009/06/24

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Kanji source here.

This isn't one of my favorite seiyuu units, but I'd say out of all their songs, I like this one best.  I can totally picture all of Tachi and Naruse's cute, lively beach pictures from the booklet when I hear this song.  <3

It's a good song, but whoever was directing/composing it should've had the 2 guys have their own individual parts to sing so that their voices could complement each other, rather than having them both sing aaaall the same lines/notes for the ENTIRE song.  Come on, that's why they're a team!